Thursday, March 24, 2011

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold

Hantu Laut

I wrote in my earlier post:

"Maybe, Anwar should look in his own backyard and see whether there are snakes in the grass that might want to do him harm. His same old story of Najib's conspiracy is now 'bangas' and not many people buying it other than Pakatan leaders and some of his supporters."

Now the picture is much clearer.The sapience of my guessing hits the bull's eye.Certainly, not Najib or Hishamuddin but snakes in the grass.Unsuspecting friends.Pepatah Melayu "Musuh didalam salimut"

How could such an intelligent man fall victim to such skullduggery to bring him down.Obviously, he has a weakness, if the authenticity of the video tape is true.This could be the beginning of the end of the taking down of Anwar Ibrahim.

Let's see the hypothesis of what could have happened.

Only unsuspecting people close to him who knows his movement and share in his fun and frolicking could have planted the stealthy video cameras.People he trusted.It was a setup by people he thought friends and again he walked into the trap.

Obviously, if one were to deduce from the statement of Rahim Thamby Chik here, it's payback time, as in the idiomatic "revenge is a dish best served cold", he waited over 20 years to get back at Anwar.I am sure Rahim and his accomplices are prepared to face the consequences of their actions if what they claimed is true that the tape is authentic.

Who was the procurer? Isn't it plausible that whoever he is must have been close to Anwar and trusted to be asked to get back the watch. Was the girl paid to lift the watch from his pocket and handed over to the conspirators to be used as evidence in the event of Anwar's denial which they have rightly anticipated? It seems the obvious.

Now, someone, or the police since they are investigating the case, should ask the wife whether she still has the Omega watch or has it gone missing or got stolen without her knowledge?That's probably would be the next scenario and the only excuse why the watch is missing.

Anwar claimed it is a scurrilous attack on him, his family and Pakatan Rakyat.

Below is a video of "God's Gift To Malaysia" Anwar Ibrahim's scurrilous attack on Najib based on a dubious statutory declaration signed by a man whom you wouldn't trust leaving your cat with.

Let us see what the Pakatan boys have to say now that the conspirators have identified themselves.The excerpt below is lifted straight from Malaysian Insider.

PKR communications director, Nik Nazmi, said that the continuous political attack against its de facto leader was getting tiresome.

“This is to show that Anwar is morally incapable and a hypocrite, although you don’t know what the pattern is, whether he is gay, a womaniser or a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

“This shows that what we are saying, made up to smear Anwar, as he is seen to be the biggest threat to Umno” he said.

He said that people were getting tired of such political ploys.

Santiago said that today was a “great day” for the opposition because there was “ample proof now that this has been doctored” and this is a propaganda tool of the “desperate Umno boys because only desperados will do something like this”.

“If you want to knock off your opponent, it is through policy debates, it’s through various development policies and so on, that you outsmart the other guy there. That’s the advantage that you bring but here you want to be a sleazeball and by doing this, you think people are going to support you. People will not because they voted for a prime minister, they vote for an opposition leader, they don’t vote for the best husbands in the world, or the best fathers in the world.

“As a voter, you vote for the candidate that you think will bring about change in the government, that will bring about progress for the people, development for the people. That’s who people vote for, not for sleazeballs,” he said.

Let me ask Mr Santiago who he thinks is the sleazeball here?

Aren't leaders suppose to lead by system of values and principles of conduct..... of morality.....knowing the distinction between what is right and wrong?

Would he votes for someone as prime minister who is a known blunderer, plunderer, philanderer and last but not least, a hypocrite?

One thing for sure if you want to be prime minister of this country keep your dick tightly in your pants..... you never know who is watching.

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SM said...

Bro HL,

Although you don't say it explicitly, you are assuming that DSAI is guilty (or at least I'm sure you are hoping he's guilty).

Rahim Tamby Chik behind this video...that says it all! And Shazryl Eskay sitting by his side (just look at his body language!). He could pass-off as DSAI's brother!

I'm sure Najib is not involved in this "ploy" but who else is involved?

I'm sure time will tell one way or another. If DSAI is involved, well...then I guess he will have to do a Chua Soi Lek (or does being a member of BN allow you certain "liberties"?). if he's innocent then I hope they don't start pointing fingers at Najib again! Once again Najib has to "rein in" his people or they will bring him more pain than gain!

Wan Teh said...

Rahim Thamby Chik has savagely pulled UNMO and the BN into a cesspool, and you are trying to convince us that UMNO has managed to crawl its way out without getting itself covered with slime? I am that much of an UMNO supporter to hope that UMNO will survive this, but I seriously doubt it, Hantulaut. Sorry. This is their endgame, and it will be downhill from now onwards, in spite of the remarkable image management of Najib Tun Razak (despite Altantuya and all that). Sorry Najib, it isn't going to work anymore, this time round.

Many years ago, the Tunku warned that Mahathir is going to destroy UMNO. He is doing that now, with his proxies, such as Rahim Thamby Chik, doing a remarkable demolition job. Sad to see the demise of UMNO, but I frankly cannot see how the party can survive this.

Hantu Laut said...

I believe the two of you are one and the same person, it's alright, no skin off my nose.

No sorry, I completely disagree with you.BN will continue to govern this nation and will perform better than the 2008 GE in the 13th GE due soon.Less than a month from now you will see the result of the Sarawak state elections and you be surprised how PKR get burned.Only DAP has a chance of collecting some seats, not enough to topple Taib and BN.

SNAP already announced they are not joining Pakatan.

eddy said...

1. Anwar's threat to UMNO or BN ended long ago when upon hearing of Saiful making a police report against him for sodomy, he ran into the Turkish embassy saying his life is in danger. His credibility vanish at that point in time except for those politicians who still thinks that he is a horse which they can still jockey.

2. After this somebody will have to wear a chawat besi when he leaves home the keys to be kept by his wife if he has any hope of his wife not leaving him.

SM said...


I am NOT Wan Teh! As you know I always tell you what I think so I don't need to send two opinions as two different people!
I still support Najib but that does not mean I will accuse anyone who has not been proven to be guilty (i.e. DSAI). Something which you guys can't seem to comprehend.
We will see what happens in Sarawak...I guess time will tell.

Hantu Laut said...

My apology.Google seemed to have changed my email profile.It has grouped all emails on the same subject into the same niche making it appears coming from the same source.

Purple Haze said...

Someone once told me that in politics, to get things done, one gives out favours or use fear.

The actions of elements within the corridors of power indicate that any threat to their power base will be met with the use of fear.

Anwar Ibrahim is just an example of how these elements will use the institutions of govt to break someone down. First he is accused of having homosexual tendencies. Now, heterosexual flings. If this doesn't work, probably accuse him of paedophilia. There is a trend here ;)

We've also had 4 DPMs in the reign of Tun Dr M. His successor also got booted out and the current PM is also on shaky ground, constantly looking over his shoulder for his No 2, who makes it a habit of derailing whatever good the PM wishes to extol.

The Opposition parties are not too dissimilar either, but they are not the govt of the day, so the effect on the rakyat is not of much consequence.

But the manipulation of the govt machinery and corruption therewith will bring about the downfall of any party as has been seen in India, Japan, Taiwan in recent years.

Certainly the motive of Rahim Tamby Chik could be revenge while for Shazryl, he may be incentivised to withdraw his RM20 million suit to prevent further disclosures in court. Some people may not like their names and roles being aired in open court.

satD said...

Hantu Laut

tks for having me on ur bloglist..

BTW monkey thinks it's best served ONLINE!

All this huha boring cybertime a day is months...

SM said...


No worries. Honest mistake.

By the way, I really fear for Najib...all the gains he has made over the last 2 years will be for nothing is the clowns under him keep up this crap!

Obviously he's not in the sale category as Pak Lah but then again, I would never have thought that an UMNO President could be "forced" to leave so one never knows!