Sunday, April 3, 2011

Borneo Proboscis In Parliament ? Monkey See Monkey Do

Hantu Laut

They can only be found in Borneo.

Most of you would know that one of the famous tourist attractions in Sabah besides the orang utans is the proboscis monkeys with main concentration at Sukau. Many tourists go to Sukau just to see this most intriguing primates.What make them distinctive, famous and popular with tourists is the pendulous nose and a bright red, permanently erect penis in matured males.

Adult males are promiscuous and live in harem groups consisting of one male and around 8 females.Adult male dominate the group and protect its young harem until displaced by younger male.

In some way the proboscis are also considered sexist in manner since they lord over the females mainly for the purpose of sex. Their perpetual erection is a sign of high libido among males.Another unusual behaviour of these primates is the switching among harems of adult females (kind of wives-swapping in the human kingdom) which may occur several times during their lifetime.

The best place to see these primates is along the Kinabatangan River in Sabah.

Incidentally, our sexist MP Bung Mokhtar also came from Kinabatangan, the man who slipped in Parliament that women drivers are “oblivious” and “slow”, and “Just because they are inside a car, they think that the world is theirs, they don't look or left. When we honk, they get angry. There are times when we honk, they show all sorts of hand gestures to other drivers.”

He than called a woman MP who objected to his sexist comment a monkey.

This famous "bocor" MP is on the verge of becoming a political dinosaur.Women angered by his uncalled for remark are already thirsting for his blood, for him to be dropped in the next general election.

"Is he an MP or MCP" asked a woman friend? What a cheek this MCP (male chauvinist pig) has by turning around the table and claimed he is now sexually harassed by womenfolk because someone misconstrued what he said.

Sorry Bung ! Nobody buying your pathetic try of that "tongue in cheek" excuse.

Why don't you just admit your blunder and apologise to all the women in the country including your mother and wives.

So much, for a man who took two women to share his matrimonial bed and yet think women are not worthy of respect.

In the animal kingdom "Monkey see monkey do"

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SM said...

Bro HL,

I guess he must be talking from personal experience. His Mum, Sisters & Wives probably drive that way...or is it just his "new' wife Zizi? And now these womens' groups are sexually harassing him! Poor guy...