Saturday, April 23, 2011

Guan Eng, Aru You Joking Or What? Race Not A Factor.

Hantu Laut

Race is not a factor says Lim Guan Eng about the Sarawak elections here.

Would you believe him or would you let him pulled that wool over your eyes that race was not a factor! How in hell can DAP garnered 12 seats and PKR only 3 and PAS 0, if the people did not vote on racial line.

This father and son team is truly amazing. Drowning in their own stupefying intelligence.Do they think Malaysians are that stupid?

He said “Those trying to twist the result into a racial issue are acting irresponsibly. The results of the 2011 Sarawak Election have proven that the desire and movement for change is not confined to one community alone but spread across the various communities of Sarawak"


Who is he trying to fool saying
“All Sarawakians declared in a loud voice that they have had enough of Taib and his brand of monopolistic politics"

Without doubts the oppositions have made some inroads but did Taib not get two-thirds majority and most Malays and non-Malay natives voted for his party? Did or not the majority in PBB contested areas increased more than in previous elections? Did PBB candidates lose any of the seats contested?

If what he says is true why than PKR and PAS did not do well in Sarawak?

While BN successfully retained its two-thirds majority its popular vote dipped by eight per cent to 54.5 per cent, indicating that its hold over the hornbill state, long considered its “fixed deposit”, slipped considerably.

That drop of 8 percent was mainly Chinese votes so don't try that statistical trick.

Even Bridget Welsh analysis using the term semi-rural instead of semi-urban is a spoof. She failed to mention significant Chinese presence in these areas that helped to swing the votes to the opposition.

Guan Eng, who you trying to fool, there is serious racial polarisation in the country. You and your father had a hand in it other than those in Perkasa,Utusan and UMNO.

You and your father have chosen subtle brainwashing and indoctrination to rile up the emotions of the Chinese in this country.

Believe me, unless something out of the ordinary happened between now and PRU13, DAP will get almost all Chinese seats.

After that, you can come back and tell me if race is not a factor.


JC said...

Fact is the Chinese voters are in the urban areas with access to information on the shenanigans of our politicians. If these voters want a change and vote the other way, does this mean they are voting along racial lines?

Does the bumiputera vote for umno/bn suggest voters condone corruption, cronyism and the pillaging and raping of the country?

It is, at is has been pointed out, that the historical setup of our political parties had been race-based. But this has to stop and start some where by kicking out the umno goons. And if it starts along racial lines so be it. By giving the majority back to najib and umno would only give the bad apples within umno more power to rape and pillage the country before running away and let the country go to the dogs.

SM said...

Bro HL,

Yes, you are "somewhat" right. LGE saying that race does not play a part in Sarawak Politics. However, I do believe that since the Chinese (& if I'm not mistaken quite a few Native Sarawakians in the Urban & Sub-Urban areas) were fed-up with Taib & his Cronies Corrupted ways, they would have voted for any other Opposition Party too.
You said the Malays & the Non-Malay natives voted for Taib & his party...that's also somewhat long has the BN ruled Sarawak? And Sarawak is still one of the poorest States in Malaysia (even with all it's Oil 7 Timber!).
That also says a lot about these people who would still vote for someone (& his party) who has been stealing from his own State & people, doesn't it?!
Yes, I know...your argument is ...the Opposition will be the same or even worse so better choose the Devil you know rather than the Angel you don't...
Yes, History will continue to repeat itself in Sarawak UNLESS Najib does something about this crook & his cronies!

eddy said...

Ya bro, if race is not a factor in the unprecedented DAP gain in Sarawak, then pigs can fly and Lim Guan Eng is not a Big Liar.

Anonymous said...

There are many of us who are not Chinese in Kuching, Sibu and Miri who actually voted for DAP. We actually want them to win. there are also many Chinese friends of mine who voted for Supp in these towns. My brothers who voted in our kampongs actually voted for BN. We actually want them to win there. We don't vote based on race but bigger interest of having good opposition in the assembly. Sarawakian are more complex than you thought.

eddy said...

What uneducated nonsense are you talking about JC, "UMNO goons","rape and pillage", "country go to the dogs"? All our PMs are from UMNO are they goons? You are so bigoted.

Malaysia warts and all is still one of the the best run countries in the world and believe me I have travelled far and I know what I am talking about.

Anonymous said...

Hantu Laut,
You are making a common statistical mistake. Race is a factor but not that the Sarawakian Chinese were racists, but that Chinese on a whole are much more educated and internet savvy.

That education and internet exposure allowed them to access the dozens of reports detailing Taib Mahmud's corruption which the Malaysian police can't seem to find.

The rural folk in Sarawak either could not access the information or could not have an appreciation of what it means to support a corrupt ruler. To them, it is irrelevant.

Thus it is not race per se, but the individual races perception and tolerance towards corruption that is different. Chinese detest corruption, other races seem to be able to tolerate it.

JC said...


Let me rephrase, UMNO Baru is made up of a bunch of goons!

Yes, indeed the Tunku, Tun Hussein Onn and some extent Tun Razak were gentlemanly. But don't think they were members of Umno Baru.

Because I am bigoted, I can't stand warts and all. While no system is perfect, with what we've been endowed, we could be 5x times better than where we are now.

When I travel to Hong Kong, their cab drivers tell me they just returned from a holiday in Malaysia. This is from a former crown colony with nothing. But that is comparing apples and oranges...right?

Because I am bigoted I will just say Hong Kong is made up of Chinese people who are industrious (with no bribary, corruption etc). while UMNO goons continue to rape and pillage the country.

Oops, I correct myself again. Taib is not in UMNO-kan? Okalah, I expand my bigotry to encompass all BN goons..can?

Happy travels mate!

Anonymous said...


just to be clear - which country did you travel to?