Saturday, April 16, 2011

How Sarawakians Going To Vote Today

Hantu Laut

Can the BN retain its two-thirds majority or lose the government? It's a million dollar question with a simple answer.

Major swing to the opposition is expected in Chinese dominated areas.

Last night at a function a Chinese friend asked why are the Sarawakian Chinese against Taib
Mahmud which he says he could not understand because Taib has favoured the Chinese all along giving them huge tracts of timberland and state projects and yet they wanted him out.I am afraid only the Chinese in Sarawak can answer his question.

The beneficiaries of Taib's largess could just be a small circle of Chinese towkeys, the larger Chinese population do not see the benefits going to the whole community. There certainly are economic spin-offs that filtered down to other Chinese- owned businesses but the Chinese chose to ignore it.

Taib's spoiled image are confined mainly in urban areas or wherever there are good Internet connectivity.The massive campaign against Taib were mostly Internet based.His image in rural areas have not been seriously shattered. In the rural areas the main source of news are still from government controlled TV networks.

There are about 15 Chinese dominated seats up for grab.As there is no certainty that Pakatan can capture the state to form the government the Chinese are not likely to hand over all 15 seats to DAP, there will be some areas left for the BN.

The likely scenario is that DAP may be able to pick up 8 to 10 seats.PKR and PAS, on the other hand, may have serious problem convincing Sarawakians to let them have a big say in state politics.

Sarawakians are still suspicious of giving full mandate to Peninsula based political parties.If they allow Pakatan to win and take over the state government they would be making the same mistake as Sabah.The state administration would practically be controlled from Kuala Lumpur and the chief minister would become a puppet on a string.

PKR may get some seats but not significant enough to put a dent in the BN's fortress.SNAP may take a few, but still not significant to combine with Pakatan to form a viable coalition.PAS will get nothing at all in view of its Islamic stanch.

Taib Mahmud has it all worked out that Sarawakians will only allow some oppositions but will not sell out the state wholesale to any Peninsula based party, be it Pakatan or UMNO.


SM said...

Bro HL,

Agreed. In the Urban seats, DAP will gain a few extra seats.
Yes, a few Chinese cronies of Taib enjoyed Business opportunities. The majority of the urban Chinese worked hard for what they have, just like the Chinese everywhere else in the world!
The best outcome would be the BN retains it's 2/3rds Majority with the added bonus of Taib losing his seat! That way Najib gets to keep his job too!

Anonymous said...


Once again your predictions have come out right. Pkr only won batu lintang because of dap and bakelalan was won narrowly because they were promised a cm. This has backfired in many seats. Look at the margins of victory in other PBB seats. PKR has no support in sarawak.

Keep giving us your views and predictions!

Anonymous said...


Correct me if i'm wrong. BN Sarawak's worst election outing was in 1987 where they only scraped through with 4 seats? Why these pakatan supporters from west malaysia keep harping that they have caused a major upset in sarawak's electoral history? this came from none other than the president of pkr declaring tonight's result as a major victory (malaysian insider).

Angry said...

I doubt that anybody could call this elections free or fair. Really the amount of vote buying is incredible, but it seems to be the case in Sarawak.

The opposition can take heart. The Govermnents popular vote was only in the 58% range, and that is after the addition of the postal votes.

I think we can all take heart in the decision of the Chinese to JUST SAY NO to a corrupt system. This is where we can look with extreme pride and envy at nations governed by Chinese such as Singapore where competence rules and the people enjoy the standard of life equivalent to a developed nation.

So UMNO can crow for all it wants. A leader who defers to Bomohs was elected as the Chief Minister of Malaysia's largest state. Hidup UMNO! Hidup Melayu!