Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lim Guan Eng Sees Red Over Hitler's Doppleganger.

Hantu Laut

He must have seen Hitler's doppleganger the night before.

Irresponsible and dangerous.This is how DAP garner supports, by sowing the seed of racial discord.

Malaysians, particularly the Chinese community should be ashamed of this man.Simply use subject he has little understanding of and unconcerned with the dangerous fallout of his incendiary rhetoric.

It is most shocking that he could compare Malaysia the same as Nazi Germany.I don't need to elaborate any further on this man and his rabble king father's hidden motive.
It is indeed race baiting.

To drive a wedge between the Malays and Chinese.

Lim is fishing in troubled waters and may have misread the whole thing.It may have a reverse psychological effect, making the Malays more determined to unite to counter the DAP threat.

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