Monday, April 11, 2011

PKR In A Fix, SNAP On The Rise.

Hantu Laut

First, it was the President of PKR Wan Azizah calling for Dominique Ng, who felt betrayed by Anwar and her, to withdraw from contesting the elections as an independent.Then, came PKR Sarawak chief Baru Bian demanding Dominique to withdraw from the polls.Than, Anwar came with his superfluous and self-aggrandisement analysis that SNAP has no support whatsoever but are just a nuisance and spoiler saying the fight is between PKR and BN.He said he has visited many parts of Sarawak including the interiors and the Dayak votes were leaning either toward Pakatan Rakyat or the BN, and not SNAP.

Than why the choruses for SNAP to withdraw if they are a non entity in Sarawak politics and were no threat to Pakatan Rakyat?

It is typical of Anwar who couldn't give two hoots about royalty of party members because he himself had proven incapable of giving loyalty. It's the sycophants and ball carriers that get the better treatment.

Nine unhappy PKR members are standing as independents.Almost a quarter of the 41 independents are PKR turncoats.

Soo Lina, one of the independents said "I am tired of the party politicking.I have decided that my political master is the rakyat and I will not be loyal to party leaders.These people have their own agenda, it is not good for low level members and the rakyat"

The truth of the matter is PKR is not making any headway in Sarawak.That's why they are so worried about SNAP.

The Dayaks see Pakatan as aliens with sugar coated tongues coming with promises of gifts if Sarawak is given to them to govern.All three came with three different objectives.PKR, has only one objective, to make Anwar Ibrahim the prime minister of Malaysia, PAS to pass hudud law and turn Malaysia into a truly Islamic state and DAP torn between the devil and the deep blue sea, wanted a secular state and the NEP withdrawn.

Didn't that sound more like political misfits. Sarawakians should ask them what do they have in common?

They have accused Taib of stealing the state resources which we shall not doubt. It's about time Taib bow out and hand over the helm to younger leader preferably someone who had the people's confidence.

Can they guarantee that they would not steal the state resources if and when they form the government?

Don't be so sure that these angels of high morals are what they claimed to be.

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SM said...

Bro HL,

As you said, DON"T BE TOO SURE that these opposition angels of high morals WILL NOT STEAL Sarawak's resources if they gain power. WE DON"T KNOW.
However, what you failed to say was that if Taib & his cronies retain power, you CAN BE SURE that they will CONTINUE TO RAPE(literally) & STEAL from Sarawakians! I dare you to say otherwise!
Even Najib (thank God he's decided to camp in Sarawak these next few he can't leave it to Taib anymore) can't stop Taib, his family & cronies from wrecking havoc!

Hantu Laut said...


As far as I am concern they are all crooks.The only different the present crooks are almost full.The new crook are still hungry and believe me they are no different.

I have said before and I will say it again I will never trust Anwar, even when he was DPM and I am proven right about the man.Until I see some credible alternative I will not change my mind about the oppositions.I make my own evaluations.

SM, this is a free country we can support whoever we want and can still be civil with each other.We should not let politics overide our better sense of judgement.

I have never defended Taib.You only pick and choose. When I wrote against Taib or Najib you seem to be absence.

SM said...

Bro HL,

I agree with your second last paragraph.

And yes, that's true, when you write against Taib or Najib (& if I agree), I don't bother to comment. However, I do support Najib & I hope he is given a chance to prove his worth BUT as for Taib, can just imagine what I think!