Saturday, May 14, 2011

Malaysia's Age Of Immorality

Hantu Laut
Malaysian politics are getting wild and woolly. From the occult to the wayang kulit and the melodrama, our politicians would do anything to steal the limelight including slaying their own shadows.

First, it was Anwar's driver who found his master's car tempered with.He says someone out there is trying to murder his boss.A day or two later Anwar's daughter Nurul Izzah received through SMS, a death threat and a warning that her daughter would be kidnapped if she continues to support her father.

“These threats clearly show that Anwar Ibrahim’s efforts in the ‘Reformasi’ movement for democratisation, an independent judiciary, and criticism of the Umno-Barisan Nasional (BN) government have made some leaders who are corrupt and greedy feel uneasy,” the party’s youth wing said.Story here.

With Malaysian politics so much in the gutter it is becoming so much harder to tell the truth from the political shenanigans.

Christianity will be the official religion and we would have a Christian prime minister soon.......says 2 bloggers without a shred of evidence to show and as guttered as it was one main stream media jumped on the band wagon.........Utusan Malaysia carried the story with impoverished impromptu.

The story of a Christian coup in the making may not be true and smell of a rat but it has certainly upset the big applecart.The Christians led by the opposition wanted Utusan's blood.The chorus for a dead sentence has not ebbed.The hangman not sure what to do.The truth is out there.

I have also expressed my disgust at such irresponsible action of the bloggers and Utusan to publish such utter nonsense but thing are not getting any better if everyone including Muslim/Christian leaders take a combative attitude to the issue.

Here, a Catholic bishop lambasted the Prime Minister for what he said Christian leaders has become "sheep being led to their slaughter" refering to the meeting of Christian leaders with Najib, who has become the shepherd or rather the wolf in sheep clothing leading the Christian flock to the slaughter house.Very strong word indeed.

Obviously, he wasn't happy with the outcome of the meeting or not happy for not being invited to the meeting.

The government should put a full stop to all religious bickering from both sides before we join Egypt and started a conflict that benefits no one.

Egypt has removed the iron-fist, dictatorial and corrupt Hosni Mubarak and the country is slowly but surely sliding into the raging river of chaos.

I am not sure whether my mind is playing tricks with my eyes or my eyes are too blurred to spot the difference. I am sure many politicians from the opposition's camp must have seen this video too, which my myopic eyes found a spitting image of a very popular opposition leader and yet the leaders in Pakatan continue to live in a state of denial. I can't blame the wife for her blurry eyes, being a women of great virtue, she found it her duty to defend her not so great husband.

Suddenly, berzina or illicit sex if you may, unless someone can produce 4 witnesses of impeccable character to prove the wrongdoing, the act seemed quite all right with certain people including some ulamas, priests, bishops, monks and what have you.

Never mind the stark naked video that bares it all, it's innocent until proven guilty or simply a fake, a CGI.Hollywood paid millions to do it. Malaysians so much smarter, did it for a song.Even I can do it in Photoshop, but for still photograph only, take Anwar's head and put on Raja Petra's body.

See the photo below.Even Raja Petra can do it, putting himself among the bevy of beauties.

But for video, I understand, not so easy, unless you can do another Hollywood's stunt....get a double or a-look-alike, but just make sure no closeup, because no matter how close the resemblance is, people can tell the difference.

Such immoral behaviour is only considered criminal in Islam but that would require 4 reliable witnesses.

From secular point of view such act is not criminal.

So, don't be a fool, it's quite safe to screw around but if you are a Muslim take caution don't let the "snoop police" get wind of what you are up to.If caught, you are "dead meat" and you have 4 reliable witnesses and dangerously armed with a video camera, which they say they need to show evidence of your wrongdoing in the sharia court.The next thing you know you have become a famous pornstar in a home made smut on YouTube and the sharia court accepts the video as evidence.

However, according to some ulamaks in PAS, the purportedly Anwar's sex video cannot be accepted in sharia court, they still need the 4 witnesses.

Unless you are participating in a "tiger show" would you call 4 people to watch your sexual prowess with a lass probably a quarter your age?

Malaysia memang Boleh !


rexuan said...

nice wording but as for the official religion issue, as at last night news.. someone from dap who attended the ceremony already lodged a police report.

so the report by the bloggers were not without basis after all..

Anonymous said...

Why can't the government take action against Utusan. If it is another paper, it will be suspended and the reporter and editor will straight slam with ISA. Because of all this bias and unfair treatment makes the ordinary people angry inside and this MAKES THEM TO VOTE FOR THE OPPOSITION. I am very open minded and usually I vote for the person who works for the people not because he is BN. But this makes me very angry.

SM said...

Bro HL,

Malaysia is fast becoming a country that's dangerous to live in. Ibrahim Ali has already threatened a Jihad against the Christians!
If Najib refuses to take action now, something will explode...just a matter of time!
God help us!

Anonymous said...

Classic example of diverting public attention from current and impending economic decline (kiss 2020 goodbye).


1. Inefficiency/laziness leads to lower earnings which could not catch up with rising costs

2. Leakeages aka corruption = higher cost of production lead to stymied salary which is losing the race with rising cost...vicious cycle

3. Brain drain (BD) which lead to lower quality workforce which in turn lead to lower productivity, loose global competitiveness, loose FDI. Even local funds are seeking higher and safer(political stability)returns in other countries. Ultimately loose jobs (Malaysian men and women will have to apply to work in Indonesia as constrution workers and maids....scary thought,

4. GST aka Gostan Semua Tax. It simply means the more you buy the more tax you pay. The lower and middle income earner will be paying the highest tax as a proportion to their earnings because these groups will be spending a big proportion of their income just to survice in these rising cost era, Compare to the high income (umnoputras included) who spend a very small proportion of their insanely illgotten income,therefore, they pay a small proportion of their income as taxes.

All these rakyat problems how to solve!!! Aha..create stories like sodomy, Sex and the Datuk T, Christian PM, Remake Malaysian version of "Kingdom of Heavan" starring Ibrahim Katak as Sardin the Frog and Sex, sex, sex. Walahhh,,,no more economic problems.