Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Myth Busting:Are Malaysian Elections Rigged?

Hantu Laut

PAS, promised 100,000 strong show of force for its Bersih rally expected to be held on July 9 in Kuala Lumpur.

What do they want?

According to APANAMA here they want fair and free elections.

This political meandering to fool the people that our elections are not fair nor free is one big lie and has become a myth.

It coming from PAS is more difficult to understand because they claimed they are guided by Islamic teachings and they knew fully well what they claimed is not true and a big lie to hoodwink the people and to gain unfair advantage in the elections yet these holies of holies are prepared to discard the Islamic principles and joined hands with what they used to call the infidels for political gains.They are infidels if they joined with UMNO but are not if with PAS.

Only if you are a matter-of-factly a stupid person would you believe in such absolute rubbish and believe in all the other lies perpetuated by Pakatan Rakyat to demonise the government purely to rouse the people up and spread ill-will against the government just to gain the extra mile.

Sadly, Malaysian is not a thinking society and like the cows would rather use their herd instinct than rationalise with logical and plausible reasoning whether what they were told are true or not.

Should they believe in people like Anwar Ibrahim,Azmin Ali,Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh,Hadi Awang and the whole lot of the political chain gang which had only one mission....... by hook or by crook.......... to topple the BN government.

Have the Malaysian elections been truly rigged by the BN?

Let's open the history book and see for ourselves whether these bunch of liars are telling the truth.Everything stated here are on records and can be checked for accuracy.

If there were blatant cheating and our elections were rigged how come:

1.The first period of PAS rule in Kelantan lasted 18 years (1959-1978).

2.After losing Kelantan to BN for 12 years PAS regained the state in 1990.

3.Pas has won Kelantan in every consecutive general elections in 1990,1995,1999,2004 and 2008.

4. Pas won in Trengganu twice (1959-1962 and 1999-2004)

Other very pertinent and material cases that burst the myth that our elections have always been rigged are shown below.

1.In 1969 DAP won 13 MP seat and 31 State Assembly seats and Gerakan in the opposition then also made major gains.The victory march by DAP culminated into the deadly May 13 race riot.

2.The lost of federally backed Berjaya in Sabah in 1985 to newly-born PBS. The Mahathir's sink and swim with Harris Salleh misadventure that left Berjaya with an embarrassing 6 out of 48 seats and PBS won the day with simple majority and played out USNO of its promise to form a coalition.The once powerful and feared Harris lost his seat to an unknown giant-killer.They could have rigged the elections to keep themselves in power. Even the irascible and powerful Harris didn't have the guts to do it and he could if he wants to.

3.In 1999, the BN suffered the lowest win (with exception of the Alliance 1969 lowest performance) with PAS taking 27 parliamentary seats, DAP 10 and PKR 5 in a loose alliance called Barisan Alternatif.PBS in Sabah won 3 seats.Did Mahathir rigged the elections to reduce his majority in Parliament?

4.In 2004 while PAS and PKR suffered major setback DAP collected 12 parliamentary seats.

5.In the 2006 Sarawak State Elections DAP showed its best showing collected 6 out of 12 seats it contested.

6.The biggest setback suffered by the ruling BN was 2008, a fairly strong earthquake that almost toppled the BN government.The oppositions coalition under Pakatan Rakyat made major gains, capturing 5 states and denied the BN of its two-thirds majority and subsequently won most of the by-elections.BN could have rigged the elections to give them the two-thirds majority that they have always enjoyed. Did they?

7.In 2008 Anwar Ibrahim stood in the Permatang Pauh by-election, won handsomely and returned to Parliament as leader of the oppositions.If what the opposition claimed is true why the government did not rig the by-election of its most feared and hated man?

8.In the recent Sarawak State Elections DAP captured 12 seats and PKR 3 seats giving the opposition coalition 15 seats in the Sarawak State Assembly.

Do I need to go on to convince you what the oppositions claimed is a myth and pack of lies?

I really don't know why am I doing this for free.It should be the BN inglorious bastards who should be out there talking to the people instead of sitting in their comfort zone and counting their takings for the day.


SM said...

Bro HL,

Good arguments why the Malsyais Elections are fair.

Now let's look at some "other" points:-

1/ The EC changing it's mind at the last minute in the last GE to use the "indelible ink" & refusing to use it in the next GE. They spent thousnads of dollars to buy the ink & then suddenly...?

2/ Constantly deleneating the Electoral Boundries (if you look at the results, where the Opposition is strong, the Voter count is very large & where the BN is strong, the Voter count is small. As an example, as you so correctly put it, in Permatang Pauh, DSAI can win with Thousnads of votes, Teresa Kok also won with Thousands of Votes in her area. If you compare with the BN strongholds, you can get 3 MPs for the same amount of voters. Just look at the recent Sarawak State statitics...even though the Opposition managed to get a fair % of the Votes, the BN still won with 2/3rd majority & in the last GE, the Opposition won almost half of the Votes & still the Bn had 60% of the seats. You have to admit the EC knows how to do its job!)

3/ Postal Votes (seriously, in this day & age you don't need Postal Votes)

4/ Registered Malaysian Voters living & working Overseas...why aren't we allowed to vote at the Malaysian Embassies where we are situated (in my case I came back to KL to vote in the last Ge but not everyone can do that). The Americans & a lot of the European Countries (if I'm not mistaken) can do it...why can't we?

5/ In the last GE, there were numerous Police Reports made by Voters who turned up to vote & found that they "had already voted"! Until today no explanation has been given. Go figure...

Hantu Laut said...


Gerrymandering is an American invention, it's not 'Made In Malaysia'.Not only Malaysia, many countries keep changing their electoral boundaries either for logistic or political reasons, more the later I suppose.

We inherited the British system of government, it's, therefore, not the fault of the sitting government, Pakatan would inherit the same system if they can win the elections and form the next Federal government.

You can't simply change the Constitution just because the oppositions do not like the system.I have no problem with such system as long as they are fair.

Postal votes has been there for yonks and it is miniscule and negligible to the overall votes.The opposition would bark at anything to get the people's attention.

Voting outside the country has never been the practice, why now? What! Just because the opposition think they sure to get these type of votes?

I also can say somebody used my name to vote before me, who to know it could have been me.There are people who would do anything for money and there are plenty of them during election time, from both sides of the fence.

SM, I am not just an armchair critic, I have seen myself how dirty politics is in this country and everywhere else.

Dirty politics not confined to BN alone.

eddy said...

The only elections that the pro-Opposition BERSIH should clean up is the questionable elections held by PKR and DAP and since PAS can volunteer so many participants they can help BERSIH.

SM said...

Bro HL,

I'm not saying that Malaysia or the BN or our EC came up with Gerrymandering. So now since it suits the EC, we want to follow what the "Great Devil" does?
As for Postal Votes, a few hundred can make a lot of difference especially in the small BN controlled areas.
As for Voters outside the country, it's nothing to do with the Opposition. For Malaysians who are registered voters, it's their right to be able to vote "on Malaysian soil" & the Malaysian Embassies are considered as Malaysia soil. They are Malaysians & they have a right to vote.
Plus the EC does not allow outside impartial observers either...so one can question why not?
You did not answer my point on the "ink" issue. Let's face it...there's nothing wrong with implementing this procedure. Do they have something to hide?