Monday, June 27, 2011

The Devil Woman

Hantu Laut

The devil's advocate.


BERSIH! A walk for democracy or a walk for Anwar?


SM said...


You have sunk to a new low!
Even though I know that you are a staunch UMNO supporter, I have always appreciated your Blog and your views as it gave me a good "other" opinion of Malaysian Politics (I don't read most pro-Opposition Blogs as I know hat they will be saying anyway).

UMNO & it's minions like Utusan & PERKASA are shaking in their boots because of this BERSIH walk? Why? Because the world will find out something or?
No matter what...The Devil Woman? Poor taste on your part!

Hantu Laut said...
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Hantu Laut said...

Sorry SM, it you and thousands of other Malaysians who have gone so low as to support a sleazebag to become PM of this county.

She certainly is a devil woman who is being used by the opposition to engineer the down fall of a legitimate government.Many of you failed to see that they can't win through the ballot box, that's why the need to go to the streets.

There is a strong and viable oppositions in the country.Who would believe there is no democracy in Malaysia.

The opposition Pakatan Rakyat is probably the worse kind of power crazy political maniacs that exists on the face of the earth and could not care less even if a sleazebag become their leader as long as they can capture power.

SM, you can carry on supporting Anwar and his band of desperados, it's your right, I have a right to express my opinion.

For your info devil woman is not a four letter words.

I don't think UMNO is shaking in their boots, it's Pakatan that is shaking in their boots, that's why they need the political rally to deceive the rest of the country that they have the backing of the people.

Anonymous said...

Why take Hantulaut seriously anyway?
He's becoming a joke these days.
Standard-issue Sabahan UMNO trooper

Anyway, his blog is a good place to check-out UMNO triumphalism with an anti-Anwar bent.
A bit like the supermarket gossip mags...

~ UnSupporter of Hantulautan Inconsistencies

Anonymous said...

Hantu-you and UMNO supporters are sadly mistaken. This is not about Anwar, the individual. Our support has gone beyond Anwar the individual.
We are supporting the ideas spoken and promoted by Anwar. Anwar going to jail, even if he really screwed the Chinese doll, and sodomise the coffee boy is not important. It is the cause that he is fighting for which is shared by a lot of Malaysians. Those who can see the forest for the trees simply hate what has been done by the leaders of UMNO and BN who have brought great shame and fail to make Malaysia reach its full potential.

sri hartamas

SM said...


As usual your hatred for DSAI clouds your thinking.
I do not give a art-ass (pardon my French!) if DSAI becomes PM or not.
I do however care very much about a legit & fair Election. Just because the PR is supporting this event, does not mean it's an opposition event. Plus you now have the Utusan saying that foreign Christian Groups are funding it! Geeeze! Can you believe that? And some Communist Plot too to boot?!
I think I have commented before why I thought the EC was just a lackey of UMNO so I won't go into it & yes...your reasoning that if the Elections weren't fair then the PR would not have won those me if the Elections were fair...then the PR would have won a few more States! Depends how you look at it!
Yes, you can support who you want but resorting to name calling etc, etc serves you no purpose.
Tell the truth...UMNO just can't stand it that a woman (they only want women to join Obidient Clubs & be sex slaves for their men!) & an Indian woman at that (!) can organize such an event.
What's wrong with a peaceful Rally?
The rally will turn ugly as in the past only after the uncouth & uneducated UMNO & PERKASA & Rempit deviants start their unruly behaviour. Then the PDRM will have a reason to start shooting water cannons at innocent Malaysians!
At every turn you keep talking about DSAI! It's not about him although because UMNO are so scared shitless that he will win, that they just keep reacting in this way!