Saturday, July 2, 2011

Malaysia’s Discontent

In Kuala Lumpur, the authorities are apparently doing some shaping up. Street protests are planned for July 9 by 60 non-government organizations (NGOs) called Bersih, meaning ‘clean’ in Malaysia, amid alleged irregularities involving the nation’s electoral system.

Dubbed ‘Walk for Democracy,’ Bersih is calling for free and fair elections while promoting its constitutional right to freedom of assembly. This has already resulted in 70 arrests and accusations Bersih is plotting to overthrow the government and is spreading communist ideology.

The biggest risk, however, is that the rally is being hijacked by government-friendly and opposition forces, all threatening to join in the protest or march in support of their benefactors. This has prompted further warnings that the country’s stability is at stake.

Insiders say extremist elements within Malaysia’s Muslim community, in particular the Malay supremacy group Perkasa, are hoping to use the rally to inspire an Arab spring at home, mimicking uprisings in the Middle East. The opposition wants to prove it’s still a force to be reckoned with, while less ambitious Malays would simply like to register their discontent with the current government.

One Sarawakian politician went so far as to say: ‘It will bring about a situation where everyone will suffer. We only have to look at Middle East countries starting from Tunisia, Egypt and Syria.’

Speculation that an early election will be held has been ripe ever since Prime Minister Najib Razak ousted his predecessor Abdullah Ahmad Badawi a year after his weak showing in the 2008 poll.

In declining to quash rumours of a pending poll, Najib has fed a constantly turning mill that insists he needs his own poll to establish a political mandate, win back the two-thirds parliamentary majority lost by Badawi and take advantage of a relatively solid performing economy, which some fear is in decline.Read more.


Anonymous said...

Know what HL? I'm sick and tired of this bersih thing. There's some much noise in this country now.

I wish they -- Ambiga and her PR cahoots and supporters, Ibrahim Ali and his Perkasa crowd and, the reactionary Umno Youth -- would do the rest of us all a favour by taking themselves to a deserted island and slugging it out there. If not, they should go to one of our mega stadium (let's put them to goood use) and nuke each other out.

Then we can have some peace and go back to doing whatever we were doing with the Loudmouths of Malaysia out of the way.


Anonymous said...

The Government sees Hantus in everything done by Opposition but not when it involves pro-government parties.

Is this called democracy or what?

Malaysia Truly Asia now.

Indians have become Communists.
Chinese have become Islamists.
Malays have become Melayu Celup.
Foreigners are waiting to invade Malaysia.

DSNR fears the repercussion as befallen his predecessor TAB after the Bersih 1 and Hindraf. So the march by Bersih is actually a threat to him and his empire.
Unfortunately, someone has him by the balls and guess the mastermind behind Perkasa, PDRM, SPR, MACC and NGOs?

Bersih 2.0 may or may not happen but the power struggle within UMNO Baru has already begun. Guess who will win to establish his future dynasty?

The power is not actually in the rakyat hands anymore much as everyone wants to believe. It will be the winner of whoever wins in the next UMNO AGM. Rakyat are all just pawns in this game of establishing the next Majapahit, Sri Vijaya or Kerala empire.

Melayu Hantu