Monday, July 18, 2011

PAS Barks Louder Than Its Bite

Hantu Laut

I have, in my past postings, raised the question of the incompatibility of DAP and PAS, which, needless to say, is fraught with moral ambiguity.This marriage of convenience is destined for the rocks, sooner or later.

Can theocracy and secularism sleep in the same bed?

If you don't have the fortitude to rule the roost to push through your agenda, don't even try, it makes you a laughing stock and reflect on your weaknesses.If you can't fight them join them.

PAS should drop its Islamic badge so as not to confuse the Muslims in this country.

The controversy over the state-enforced entertainment ban during Ramadan in Kedah imposed by the PAS led state government has become a thorny issue with coalition partner DAP, demanding that the state government withdraw the ban immediately.The Kedah Mentri Besar Azizan Abdul Razak issued a strongly-worded statement that the state government would not withdraw the ban.

Obviously, the mentri besar has no balls to stand by his words and the irony is DAP has only 1 assemblyman in the Kedah state assembly and yet DAP has such powerful voice over policy matters.

This is not the first time PAS gave in to DAP demands.In 2009 PAS imposed a ban on the sales of beer in convenience stores in Muslim majority areas.MBSA officers unlawfully seized beer from a 7-Eleven store in Section 8.PAS Commissioner Datuk Hassan Ali lashed out at his executive council colleague Ronnie Liu for reprimanding MBSA officers conducting the raid.

What happened next?

PAS, the lame duck, with intervention from MB Khalid Ibrahim, gave in to DAP demands. The ban was scrapped.

PAS barks louder than its bite, have no balls to defend its position.

It takes just one twit from DAP publicity chief Tony Pua asking his party to pull out of the coalition Pakatan Rakyat that gave PAS leaders the cold feet.The blanket ban was withdrawn and to save face PAS agree with DAP to confine the ban to Muslims only.

It is now clear both PKR and PAS are lame ducks, it is DAP that call the shots.


andi said...

hahahaha what are you saying hantu laut, dont blame them, this is what they call "a unity of understanding between pas islam and dap" negara berkebajikan demokrasi di bawah dap(no more PAS, where only dap view is much more important than any other coalation.

and this is group that so heroic fight join the bersih rally in the name on demokrasi. LOL

Anonymous said...

Yes drop the Islamic badge will be good now that it is dominated by Malays professionals. PAS=Parti Antara SatuMalaysia?


SM said...

Bro HL,

Hahahaha! That's what the pro-UMNO Bloggers have been saying ever since the last GE!
Come on bro...I expect better from you.
What's wrong with discussions between partners? What's wrong with the ban being imposed on the Muslims only? After all PAS realises that Malaysia is a Multi-Racial Country. I look at tit as the new PAS, willing to compromise especially when it deals with Non-Muslims. I bet you it's probably a "sandiwara" between PAS & DAP to show Malaysians ezpecially the Non-Muslims that PAS is willing to be Moderate (real not bluff like we see in UMNO!).
Now, let us take UMNO & BN....yes...MCA, MIC, PPP, Gerakan & the remaining testicularly-challenged Parties...yes...just look at the last few years...all these parties can do is bark (as you put it), especially MCA...they have made it into a science!
You can be sure PAS is getting more & more support from the Non-Malays / Non-Muslims..... Hey, if PR comes into power, PAS is not going to tell me that I can't use the word Allah when attending a Malay Mass! To me that shows PAS' maturity!

Hantu Laut said...


Sorry mate! You must be gullible to think so.PAS, is what we in Sabah called "temberang".Why imposed it in the first place if they know Malaysia is a multi-racial country? They are either stupid or think they have absolute power to make their own decision, without consultation with other coalition partners.

Wait till they get to Putrajaya as lead partner,taking over the role of UMNO.You'll see what PAS truly be.

DAP would by then know too late that a leopard never changed its spot.PAS, very clever indeed, is leading DAP down the garden path.

Anonymous said...

Ok, la. Let's say there will be problems if PAS takes over as the leader from UMNO as follows:

1. PAS would like to ban gambling, alcohol, massage, spa, karoake centers to all Moslems.
2. PAS would want the hudud laws to be implemented nationwide for Moslems.

So! What's the problem? In the first place, it is very clear and obvious that DAP would not object if it only involves Moslems and maybe vote along with it since the majority of Moslems wants it.

In return if PAS can give all Malaysians:

1. A clean, transparent and non-corrupted Govt. which can save billions of Rakyat monies which can be put to better use.

2. Erase racial profiling and religious persecutions.

3. Govern as a welfare state for, by and of the rakyat and assists all who are poor or less well off irrespective of race and religion.

Tell me, Who would you trust and who will you vote based on the 30+ years of rule by the current UMNO BARU and their current evils.

Nobody knows whether PAS will also become another UMNO BARU, but it sure as hell worth trying something new.

SM said...

Bro HL,

No, I'm not that gullible. I fully realise what PAS may do if / when they get to Putrajaya.
However, the BIG point that UMNO pro-Bloggers forget (or more than likely pretend to forget) is that if PAS tries any under-handed tricks (I don't think they will though as they are a REAL Islamic Party as far as I can see), DAP will pull out. All it takes is one party to pull out from the PR & the whole colition falls apart. No more Putrajaya hum! That is what the PKR, PAS & DAP understand clearly.
That's why they are willing to work together & compromise.
You can even say that 50 years ago when our Father Tunku & then later Hussein Onn were around, that's what UMNO, MCA & MIC were doing...working together.
However, the rot slowly got in & UMNO decided that they were God's gift to Malaysia & that everyone else (including their partners) were there for show only!
How many times have UMNO Leaders come out & said that they do not need the Non-Malays? How many times have UMNO Leaders asked the Non-Malays to go back to India & China? Geeeze.....I for one call it an insult of the First Order to me! Malaysia is my home (I may be posted outside Malaysia but I'm Malaysian first & Serani second...unlike our DPM who's Malay first & Malaysian second!) & no UMNO Leader should dare tell me otherwise.
I know you have said that the PR is no better than BN if they were to take over Putrajaya, however..."Belum cuba, belum tau bah!" (& more & more Malaysians are keen to cuba I think!).

Freddie Kevin said...

Salam HL,

If and I say if the PR do get to Putrajaya it will be the biggest flip-flopping administration the world will ever see.

Thank you

SM said...

Bro HL,

With your approval...

Bro Freddie,

On the negative side, what you say may be true...BUT...

It can't be worse than what the UMNO led coalition has done to Malaysia!
We are Bankrupt, Billions spent on worthless Mega Projects, Sacandals coming out though thier noses, Ministers with Millions of un-explained Dollars, Deaths left & right by the authorities (MACC & PDRM) & the reason given...suicide, the RM's value dropping day by day (we are now RM2.45 to the S$ & B$), Submarines that can't submerge (not to mention the kick-backs given to the French...soon all will be revealed at the French courts), the PKFZ Scandal still unexpleined & in limbo, Murdered Mongolians but all records wiped out from Immigration Records, Education System that ain't worth a cent, Graduates that can't get jobs because they can't speak properly, Local Universities that keep getting worse since the Deans & the Professors are promoted based on Political cronyism, ayoyiii...the list too long just goes on & on. How can the PR do any worse!
At the positive side, never know...they may astonish you!
hey look at Penang & Selangor...despite what the pro-UMNO Bloggers are saying...they are doing very well & the people from those states are very pleased with their State administrations.