Friday, July 22, 2011

The Political Circus

Hantu Laut

The RCI (Royal Commission of Inquiry) concluded that Teoh Beng Hock committed suicide as a result of aggressive and continuous interrogation by the MACC.Story here.

The family of Teoh Beng Hock rejected the verdict and is now requesting a judicial review,in all probability, advised by the family lawyer who also happened to be a prominent opposition politician.

“The RCI is an inferior tribunal in law and any decision made by an inferior tribunal is reviewable by the High Court.” Karpal, who is also DAP chairman, said he is studying the RCI report “line by line” to decide on the next course of action, which will be made known early next week.

They condemned the RCI as an inferior tribunal when they were the ones who demanded for it.

How do you deal with these kind of people, they twist and turn to their fancies, not showing concern for the bereaved family but for their own political mileage.

First they rejected the inquest and asked for RCI, which the government eventually agreed and allowed it to take place.Now, they are not happy with the verdict and want to carry on the crusade at the expense of the Teo's family for the benefits of politics.......Pakatan politics!

Enough is enough, the government should not allow these political opportunists to capitalise on a dead man's family misery to gain political mileage.

The government should close the case and take appropriate action against the MACC officers instrumental for the death of Teo.

From the finding of the RCI it is obvious those officers have a case to answer.

Teoh Beng Hock's RCI report - English (pdf download)

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SM said...

Bro HL,

We all knew from the start what the RCI verdict was going to be. I.e. "Suicide" as the inquest had already said that.
Whether it was murder or suicide, who knows? Only Allah can say.
They will now suspend the 3 MACC officers. These 3 will be back at work probably in a few months time. They may not ever be promoted or maybe they will, for being "good" lapdogs of the Government. We will never know.
Now we come to Ahmad Sarbani...saying it's suicide (as they hinted initially) would be political suicide, so now they are saying it's not suicide & it's not homicide!
He wanted to be Superman suddenly & jump to the roof of the Badminton Court or some such rubbish! By all accounts, Ahmad was a God-fearing pious family man. To top it all, he was Malay. With the "Pendatang's" death, they can say suicide, who can do anything? You think MCA will dare squeak? Hahahahaha, ya rite!
The MACC is another pawn of the ruling UMNO Party, just like the PDRM! Even you know it but I guess you can't admit it.
One thing for sure, the innocents that they have hurt will get justice...whether it's in this life or in the next!