Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Transformer: The Rise Of Asri And Wahabism.

Hantu Laut

Dr Asri is probably the most level minded ulama than most that I have come across.He is on my blog roll and I occasionally read his blog.It's heart-rending that he is being branded as terrorist.

The government as shown bad judgement by branding him as terrorist.

Just because someone does not agree with you it does not make him a terrorist.Being critical of the government does not make you a terrorist.To change a government in a democratic process does not make you a terrorist.

At one time, UMNO tried to woo him to join the party but failed to convince him. Since he spoke against some of the policies of the government and against UMNO leaders he has suddenly transformed into a terrorist.Maybe, someone should do a movie on him "TRANSFORMER: THE RISE OF ASRI AND WAHABISM"

Al Qaeda is a terrorist organisation comprising only Muslims, does it make all Muslims terrorists? The recent bloodbath in Oslo, Norway by a Christian terrorist who hates Islam killing scores of his own people, does it make all Christians as terrorists?

Although, I don't agree with some of its practices, Wahhabism is mainstream Islam and should be allowed to be practised freely.The government have also banned Shia in this country which is one of the two main branches of Islam.

Malaysia may be the only Muslim country that ban the other branch of Islam.Why? I am not sure. The government has not given comprehensive explanation for the ban.

In the old days Muslims were allowed to differ in opinions, that is why we have two main branches, Sunni and Shia and many sub-branches derived from different imams (madhhab).Since then no Islamic scholars dared to bring changes for the good of the religion.Doing so would be branded a deviant or worse, a death penalty.

What next? Are the government going to ban other Madhhab (Schools Of Jurisprudence) and will only allow the imam subscribed and practised by the majority........ to be the only type of Islam legal in this country?

We have Hanifi, Maliki, Shafi'i and Hanbali, which of the four imams is recognised by the government?

I do not agree with the government labelling of Prof Madya Dr Asri Zainal Abidin as terrorist.

Simply calling someone a terrorist is not on.The government has full responsibility to give detailed explanation to the people on why he is labelled as terrorist.

It makes one wonder who is the real terrorist here?


Back to the Middle Ages


SM said...

Bro HL,

I can answer ALL your questions in this article of yours.
To the UMNO Government, if you are not for them then you are against them & they will do everything in thier power to...

1/ Ban you
2/ Discredit you
3/ Lock you up
4/ If they can't find a legit excuse (they usually can't) & if they are desperate enough, they will "ISA" you
5/ Call you a terrorist
6/ Call you a Jew/Israel spy
7/ Set the MACC on you (in which case I would advice you not to go to any of their Buildings unless you have a lawyer with you at all times, because you know what happens at MACC buildings don't you?)

Asri speaks well & he agrees or disagrees using clear & precise arguments....yup...well I guess that makes him anti-UMNO/BN for sure!

yat said...

bro HL,

Please don't jump too early for conclusion, you see it's just a normal meeting about national security, and suddenly one of the idiot panel bringing up wahhabism and they just follow it through nothing serious, and next all these so called 'alternative media' pick up the story and twist it up here and then to mak it more 'interesting'...

u can read from the nst they denied discussing 'list' or 'labelling' any group link to terrorist:

he said clearly it's not the main topic, someone just brought it up, but these 'alternative media' don't report this head of MKN people already blaming the gov, with all the emotion running high..

i hope u understand how 'dirty' these people are playing with us, smae with the Air Asia HQ being relocate to jakarta, which is denied by Tony....well you are smarter than them HL...