Thursday, July 14, 2011


Hantu Laut

"And to be perfectly fair, the cops and FRU in my area showed admirable restraint. They saw that people were not doing anything more than chanting and nobody was harming anyone so they just stood there and left everyone to do their thing" From Marina Mahathir's Blog.

Read her full story here.

Obviously, Anwar Ibrahim was the only opposition leader targeted by the police.He was injured and now need to use a neck brace.He should sue the police and the government for the severe injury inflicted on him.

Watch the video.

PAS President Hadi Awang has a different story to tell.Thanking the police for their exemplary conduct during the rally.

Maybe, the video was dubbed, voiced over ? Najib's detractors would surely believe it, the same as the sex video, conspiracy against Anwar.

Watch the video below.


Anonymous said...

It will be Yellow every Saturday then without street rallies until BERSIH electoral demand are fulfilled.

At least the PDRM can take a rest and no need for all this wayang spin.

SM said...

Bro HL,

Spin as much as you like bro...the "death knell" is sounding for the BN! Unfortunately, what I'm more afraid of is that the death knell is more for Najib than BN....& Muhyiddin & TDM will be taking over! I really shudder to think what will happen then!

Purple haze said...

i have to agree with SM's comment. Muhyiddin and TDM/Mukhriz taking over is a step backwards for UMNO/BN.

Aren't there any other leaders within BN that can unite the country ?

SM said...

Purple Haze,

Just take a look at UMNO's line up!
Tell me, which UMNO leader is not stained or dirty or corrupted or a liar?
Even KJ, who has been walking the "moderate line" these past few years isn't clean at all!

Bro HL will say...the "PR" is the same...but I beg to differ...most Malaysians would gladly see someone like Nik Aziz or even Mat Sabu as PM. I guess it's too much to ask for LGE or Karpal to be PM!