Thursday, August 4, 2011

Raid on Church: No Uproar From Pakatan Rakyat

Hantu Laut

It's all quiet on the opposition's front.The was no uproar, there was no muck racking, there was no condemnation of religious persecution.


Because the authority that raided the church was from an opposition state.Apparently there was a police report by Jais on proselytising of Malays.

That's the hypocrisy of Pakatan Rakyat leaders.It's OK for them to do but when it's BN they would scream their heads off for the whole world to hear.

I am waiting to hear from Pakatan leaders and the good Christian Martin Jalleh what he has to say about this shameful raid on a Christian church by Jais which is under the state of Selangor.

Not that I think it is wrong, but why hold the thanksgiving dinner in a church if you have invited some Muslims to attend.

It would not matter to most if not all Sabahans but the Muslims in Peninsula are sensitive to this kind of thing and maybe the Church should respect those sensitivities.


Anonymous said...

whoa... HL, under whose jurisdiction are the Islamic councils?

Correct me if I am wrong but are not all the state Jabatan Agama Islam under the Sultans while Jakim is under the Agong, independent of the government (state or federal) but ultimately funded by the federal government?

Why shout so loud HL?

Anonymous said...

Looks like my comments re Jabatan Agama Islam is sensitive. No problem for censoring it.

The dinner is held at the cafeteria within a complex where there is a church meeting hall. The whole complex is not a church building but it is a building complex with facilities to serve the community that needed welfare and care, especially to the poor and needy. How is that being insensitive to Muslims?


Hantu Laut said...

You, like most supporters of Pakatan, are ignorant of how things work in this country.Yes, the sultans are head of Islam in all the states with sultans but they don't get involved with the day to day affairs. Those come under the purview of the menteri besar office.

Obviously, Khalid has no control and is powerless as far as Jais is concerned.

Why I shout so loud because Pakatan leaders are hypocrites.

Don't confuse the whole issue, it has nothing to do with the poor and needy, the issue I broached is about Pakatan's leaders hypocrisy and double standard.

Anonymous said...

Agree. Pakatan leaders are bloody hypocrites.

Purple haze said...

From Y1's earlier posting, it would appear that the building is not a religious building but a multi-use building which happens to have a church attached.

If that is truly the case, it is sad that the Islamic religious authorities find it fit to be the mind police of Muslims.

The comment about Sabahans and Peninisula Mulsims sensitivity only serves to magnify the disparity between how accepting the Sabah and Sarawak Muslims are of their fellow Malaysians, while those in Peninsula are seemingly insecure in their belief.

Mohd Izwan Nasir said...

u r right HL.

SM said...

Bro HL,

JAIS reports to Putrajaya. They don't report to the Selangor State Government.
And we know who the 30 PDRM thugs who accompanied the JAIS Fanatics repot to also!

SM said...

Bro HL,

Apologies....I stand corrected (as you know, if I'm wrong I freely admit it).
Please refer to Khalid's Statement attached...

Khalid had the guts to admit their msitake ... unlike a certain Political Party that NEVER apologises! We ALL know who I'm talking about.

Anonymous said...

Bro HL,
I am no card carrying supporter of PR. I only want good governance, whichever party it may be. Because there is bad governance, abuse of power, I despair and long for change. Maybe, just maybe, a change might wake up BN for they have been in power for too long and is deft and blind to injustice and abuse of power. That my friend is my hope for a better Malaysia.