Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hudud: Najib Should Not Fall Into The Trap

Hantu Laut

Wow! Anwar Ibrahim must be at the end of his tether. Supporting hudud law in Kelantan. Story here.

DAP leaders must be pissing in their pants now that PAS is getting support from PKR to implement hudud, first in Kelantan and than nationwide when they take Putrajaya.

It's a strong message to DAP which has become arrogant lately as more and more people predict that they would get most of the Chinese seats in the 13th GE (General Elections)and would become very dominant partner in the coalition.

PAS have indicated in the past their desire to pass hudud for the whole nation, it certainly would not stop at Kelantan if they get bigger mandate than DAP and PKR, which they might if UMNO lose majority Malay supports.It is looking more and more unlikely now that Anwar is rocking the DAP secular boat.

Anwar has challenged Najib to state his stand on the matter.

Obviously, it is a trap and Najib should stay focus and not fall into the trap..

Najib should tell Anwar to fly kite and stand by the Federal constitution.The status quo stay as long as BN is running the country.

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SM said...

Bro HL,

You are right! Well to a point though (as usual we need to read in-between the lines you write, right?).
Najib should not take the bait...true...HOWEVER his DPM who is gunning for Najib's Political demise has alreday stated that UMNO supports HUDUD laws too! So what gives? Muhyiddin, as I have said in the past has consistently gone up against Najib & this is one more instance. Muhyiddin said UMNO supports not Muhyiddin supports! Old Man TDM is advicing Muhyiddin ALL the way bro! TDM is like a shark that smells blood! His son is getting closer to Putrajaya!
This is probably another smoke screen thrown up by DSAI. You think he & PAS are going to get DAP thinking about leaving PR? Come on lah...DSAI may be many things but he is cunning & think he's going to risk losing the possibility of Putrajaya? The Chniese will vote for the DAP, we ALL know that & he knows that. If the DAP leaves PR, DSAI can forget about Putrajaya!
You think DSAI is going to chance that?!