Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Adakah Wanita Bertudung Ciri-Ciri Wanita Yang Baik ?

Hantu Laut

I don't usually post this kind of story on my blog.This is just to kill the myth (just like the MythBusters you see on TV) that women wearing tudungs (headscarves) are not holier than thou. They also have human desires and weaknesses.

The head covering is no guarantee of good moral and sanctity. Many are forced to use the headscarves from childhood and as they passed adolescents peers pressure and the environment dictate their way of life.

Many Muslim women in this country were under the misconception that wearing the tudung is enough to cover one's modesty.That's why it is common to see Muslim girls wearing tudungs and dressed in the most alluring attires like body hugging blouses and jeans. Islam asked women to dress modestly not loudly.

I am not a proponent of Islamic dressings but it is in every cultures that women respect their modesty by dressing appropriately when in public.

How a woman dressed is her business as long as it is not obscene.Always dress for the occasion.If you go to the beach for a swim it certainly is not appropriate to use your tudung and baju kurung to swim, you be dragged down by the heavy clothing, particularly, if you are not a good swimmer.

Read the story here.Apparently, happened in a PKR assemblyman's office. For those who can't read Bahasa you can watch the video.

I think the person who put the hidden video is more sick and immoral than the couple in the video.

The next time you check into a hotel with your wife or girl friend check for bugs and hidden cameras, you could become victim of those perverts looking for cheap thrills.

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