Saturday, October 22, 2011

New Videos:The Qaddafis' Last Minute

Hantu Laut

Mob justice.Deplorable,disgusting and sickening.They are no different from the tyrant they killed.


Warning: some of the video included in this post is extremely graphic.


Anonymous said...

Cilakalah mereka yang membunuh Muaamar Ghadafi !!!

Anonymous said...

Layanan yang tidak patut di lakukan terhadap Muaamar Ghadafi sebagai tawanan perang. Nampak sangat yang orang2 Arab kembali kapada zaman jahiliah. Now the question is...?????

>>>>> WHO IS NEXT<<<<<

Let wait and see!!!!

Anonymous said...

Saya amat sedih apa yang berlaku ke pada gadafi.ada kah keadilan begini yang kita mahu?Mereka akan binasa akhir nya

vinnan said...

Live by the sword die, by the sword. Has any of you 'Ketuabnnan' Mamakthir Qaddafi supporters ever wondered how these so-called 'civillian' rebels can acquire a huge amount of heavy weapons and the skills to operate these heavy weapons over a few short months. UMNO divides and rule and someday somebody will do a Libya on Malaysia.
Live by your 'Ketuanan' shit and you will die by your 'Ketuanan' shit one day.

SM said...

Bro HL,

Yes, I agree.
He may have been evil & may have been even mad BUT that does not give them the right to do what they did.
2 wrongs do not make a right.
By doing what they did, they have shown that they are the same as he was. The only differenec is that now they now have the power!
Sickening. However, let us not judge them too harshly. What Gaddafi did to their families & loved ones & friends won't easily be forgotten.

Anonymous said...

They are the same indeed in many direct ways.
Let the mature minds decipher the similarities.