Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Is UMNO Living In The Past?

Hantu Laut


So you terror one! (in Manglish it has positive connotation, it means you are a hero or super-duper guy)

Why you so like that one! Don't want Malaysians to learn English!

You, so terrible one, lah!

Make we stupid, lah!

About three weeks ago I drove from Kuala Lumpur to Penang and stopped at one of the service areas (Malaysians called R&R) and spotted the signs below.

Coution ?

Casted apple ?

This is just one stop, I am sure there are many more with mangled English and our politicians, or I would rather say our UMNO politicians are oblivious to the declining standard of our education system and mangled English.

Malaysians in the kampongs are the biggest losers, particularly the Malays, because they form majority of rural population.

The PM, DPM and the whole cabinet misread the whole situation by listening to a few educationists.There will be political backlash.

Take for example the "Sekualiti Merdeka" gethering which TV3 noxiously described as "free sex festival".Police harassed the organisers. However, when Marina Mahathir led the same thing two years ago they did nothing of that sort.

Was it bad Enlish or just bad propaganda?

Frankly, I am getting sick of UMNO's political charades, the double standards and the holier than thou pretence.

Video below, can't blame the Chinese, they have never been colonised.


Anonymous said...

Bro, to uplift the standard of English we have to study the language per se and not study a couple of subject in English. It will never work.

You guys should be fighting for the Education Ministry to teach English the way it was done prior to the introduction of Communication English in the late seventies.

Do it the proper way lah...we all got brain...

Hantu Laut said...


Read my post "Why The Bad English" that's exactly what I suggested.