Monday, November 28, 2011

Lim Kit Siang For Prime Minister, Anwar Deputy ?

Hantu Laut

"Pakatan ready to take over the federal government" says Anwar Ibrahim here.

Sounds similar to his Sept 16 farce.The man waging psychological war against the BN government trying to hoodwink the people to ally to his side to fulfill his ravenous desire to be prime minister is once again doomed.

Anwar said three years ago, the party has no strength in Sarawak and PKR Sabah was a mess.

Anwar is still unable to ratiocinate Sabah and Sarawak politics and wake up to reality that things have not changed, PKR is still in a mess and unlikely to make much inroads into Sabah and Sarawak's politics.

Pakatan's chances of winning Sabah and Sarawak in the 13th GE is bleak.The spoilers, PKR and PAS.

As far as Sabah and Sarawak are concerned, PKR and PAS are the monkey wrenches in the works, they have nothing to offer other than empty promises that would eliminate Pakatan's chances of taking the two states.The only party that would do well in the East Malaysian states would be DAP, taking most, if not all, predominant Chinese seats.The unfortunate thing is, DAP alone do not have enough seats to form the government.Anwar's life long dream of taking over the federal government and he as prime minister would stay forever a dream.

DAP would do well nation wide and would collect the biggest number of seats among the 3 coalition partners.PAS insistence on hudud law would backfire among non-Muslims and forward looking Muslims.It would not perform well as the Malay votes would be split between PAS and UMNO taking bigger slice of the Malay vote bank.PKR is a lost cause, a wannabe multiracial party that has become a party for Anwar and his family. A party that only exist on sympathy votes for Anwar. Now, that the people have seen the real Anwar Ibrahim the "undi kasihan" have evaporated leaving PKR in a quagmire, fighting an uphill battle to maintain its influence.It would get less seats than those won in March 2008.

If Pakatan do pull through than the man that should be prime Minister should be Lim Kit Siang, Anwar as his deputy and Karpal Singh as minister of finance. As Anwar was against making mandatory a Malay as PM than he should not complain if he has to play second fiddle in the event PKR performed badly.

The West Malaysian scenario will not happen in Sabah and Sarawak.There is no guarantee that Pakatan would be a more benevolent government and not likely to be better guardian of state rights.

Some of their leaders are already behaving like gangsters threatening to break down prison walls if Anwar is incarcerated and threatened to deploy massive street protests should BN win the 13th GE.

Even if BN won, in free and fair elections, Pakatan can still accuse BN of cheating to justify them copying the Arab Spring which they have stupidly indicated they would do.

The contentious hudud, Anwar's sex tape and the oppositions incessant melodramatic attacks against Najib and his government may change the voting pattern as people begin to see the falsities of these attacks.The BN may even regain its two-thirds majority in the 13th GE .

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