Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mother India:Rocky's Bru's Indian Brew

Hantu Laut

Hahahah! When some Malays called the Chinese and Indians as "pendatangs" politicians on the other side of the political fence quickly politicised the issue accusing UMNO leaders of racism.When PM Najib introduced the 1 Malaysia concept to bring Malaysians of all creeds and cultures together they ridiculed him to no end.When Anwar Ibrahim sex tape was shown all over the Internet that showed a spitting image of him screwing a "China Doll" every Pakatan leaders including his own wife declared it was not him.

Now, two Pendatang MPs from DAP have gone to India to seek help from leaders of BJP political party to help Malaysian Indians discriminated and marginalised by the Malaysian government.

Maybe, DAP should declare that the 2 MPs that went to "Mother India" asking for help from the Indian government are impostors, they are not DAP parliamentarians.

Read Rocky's Bru post on this most appalling, stupid and unpatriotic action of two Malaysian Indian MPs from the political grouping called Pakatan Rakyat. The story was widely published in India. Read story full text here, here and here.

Now, I understand why the Ceylonese Tamils don't want to be called Indians, preferring themselves as Jaffnese or Elam Tamils.

The moral of the story is................if you don't want to be called "pendatang", don't behave like one.


loveMyKris said...

bro, its not polite to call nons pendatangs.


Freddie Kevin said...

Salam HL,

What next, "Lim Guan Eng's 55 days in Peking"?

Good for a laugh these pendatang Pakatanis.

Running out of cogent issues.

Raj said...

"Blood will tell"

Hantu Laut said...

There are more racists in DAP than in UMNO.The Malays sounds racists because they are angry and fed up being constantly attacked and their constitutional status ridiculed by the oppositions led none other than by the Malays own bangsa who doesn't give a fuck as long as he can be PM.

Just look at the two Ng brothers in DAP calling Indians metallic black.If they are in the West they would have been charged and thrown in the slammer.

Hantu Laut said...

You mean Dororo's revenge? Didn't know you play computer game.

Raj said...

I certainly do not know what "Dororo's revenge" is and have never ever played computer games.

What I meant by "Blood will tell" was that heredity/inherited characteristics as well as family characteristics and lifelong habits cannot be concealed.

bob villa said...

Hai yah if only he went to complaint to the RED INDIAN in the U.S.Than we have nothing to write about.
Thanks DAP for showing even in complaining you, complain along a racial line. This confirm political fight is all along about race.

Purple Haze said...

Bro HL

The Deputy Prime Minister openly admitted that he IS a racist (and also mentioned that others are more racist that he is).

This is a very disconcerting statement from a leader of this country which prides itself for being multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-religious, etc.

Am I missing something here that Malaysia is not what it started out to be 54 years ago ?

It certainly appears that the DPM admits that he does not follow the credo of our founding fathers. It is dangerous for him to be the PM eventually, regardless of which political party one supports.

Is he a Malaysian first ? Can a future PM NOT be Malaysian first ?

Purple Haze said...

A comment after the UMNO Gen Assembly


LOSERS: Malaysians. Because Umno looks set to win the polls in the next general election but yet looks woefully ill-equipped to lead a multiracial country. Sticking to parochial sentiments to fire up its members is outdated for any party that has been at the helm of a country for more than 50 years. One expects delegates to articulate a vision to continue on its previous success but that did not happen.

Instead, delegates harped on age-old themes of having their culture and faith eroded by political foes taking over the country. That they are the only guarantee of faith and culture. What about the economy? What about the reforms? What about Malaysia?

LOSERS: Chinese, Indians, Kadazandusuns, Christians, Buddhists, etc. After five decades of contributing to the development of this country, Umno still views people from this group with suspicion. That they can only be good if they are subservient to Umno. Everything is centred around Umno. Malaysia fails when Umno falls.

But they didn’t articulate the vision for continued success. They didn’t talk about public funds being used wantonly in high-impact projects by those related to Umno leaders. Instead, everyone is at fault except those in Umno.