Friday, December 23, 2011

Khir Toyo: What sauce for the goose is not sauce for the gander

Hantu Laut

Interesting! Khir Toyo getting only one year for the magnitude of his crime as compared to former immigration deputy director-general Yusof Abu Bakar who was sentenced to a total of 56 years and fined RM620,000 on 14 counts of corruption.

All forms of corruption are wrong and should not be tolerated but I believe the severity of the punishment should reflect the severity of the crime.

In the case of Yusof, not only corruption the root of his problem, but he has also, by his action, endangered national security by allowing aliens easy access to this country.

Though the sentences were to run concurrently Yusof would still have to serve minimum 0f 6 years in prison. The core of his case was RM121,500 he took from a businessman who wanted to bring a number of Chinese nationals, presumably, China Dolls for the purpose of prostitution.

There have also been cases of shoplifters getting 2 to 3 years imprisonment for first offence and amount so small, as a layman, it's just perplexing and too confusing to understand our justice system, or was it different strokes for different folks, the rabble deserves heavier penalty even for petty larceny.

It would be interesting to see what awaits Khir Toyo when his appeal came up for hearing.


kittykat46 said...

I have no expectation that Khir Toyol will see a single day inside prison walls.

After all, the court appeals process will drag on long after GE 13, by which time BN will have won back its 2/3 Parliamentary majority + Selangor state as well.

Win-win situation. Semua OK. Everybody goes home happy.

Maybe even a Senatorship for Toyol as compensation.

Purple Haze said...

Yusof gets 4 yrs per count while Khir gets only 1 yr.

Justice Malaysia style ?

Freddie Kevin said...

Salam HL,

The judge's grounds for conviction will determine whether any appeal will be successful.

One thing is for sure, there no Khir in the next GE.

SM said...

Bro HL,

The fact that he was even found guily surprises me & yes...delights me as there is some glimmer of hope for the future.
As his being found guilty, well I reckon that he's being made a scapegoat. GE coming. They have to have some guilty verdicts against "orang2 ternama".
As for him seeing even a day in jail....nahhhh...I doubt it.

bisu said...

The offence for which Khir Toyo was found guilty only carries a maximum sentence of 2 years imprisonment. Tis is also his 1st offence and the courts takes that into consideration as well. As for the Tourism DG, he faces 14 charges. Each charge he was convicted for will be a ' previous offence' which would be a factor against him and for which the court could consider in imposing a heavier sentence.

Those who gets 2/3 years for stealing stuffs could be due to the fact that they have lots of previous convictions (therefore are habitual offenders). Plus the maximum penalty for stealing is 7 years...