Friday, December 9, 2011

UMNO Digging Its Own Grave

Hantu Laut

The Pahang land scandal is out in the open again.This disgraceful action and blatant disrespect of the law by the MB of Pahang is most appalling.

In September I wrote here about how the MB should be cited for contempt.Since then, I found out that the laws in Pahang and other states in Peninsula Malaysia are slightly different from the laws in Sabah and Sarawak where the chief minister can be cited for contempt in such cases.

In Pahang, it is the State Financial Secretary that can be cited for contempt for refusal to comply with a court order.The law should be amended to make the MB responsible as he is the ultimate boss and the the state financial secretary is working under his directive.

The obvious is going to happen, the state has no choice, but to pay the plaintiff and now it seemed some UMNO smart asses wanted the money back from the Chinaman by bringing a sham action to court to claim the money.This damning plot makes swashbuckling Long John Silver looked kinder.

If they have a valid claim why did UMNO not apply to court for a "granishee order" when the award was given to the plaintiff, affirmed by the highest court in the country? Why did they not institute legal action earlier? Why now?

Their ignoble action to deprive the plaintiff of his money is most appalling and would have serious repercussions on UMNO in the coming general elections.

Now, the question is can a ruling political party give lands or unfettered access to government's assets to its own political party?

It's disheartening and most perturbing when lawmakers themselves showed no respect for the law.

A similar case happened in Sabah when the then BERJAYA state government under Harris Salleh acquired lands belonging to the late Syed Kechik. The case dragged on for almost three decades because every succeeding chief ministers refused to pay the plaintiff. The original court award was in the region of MYR40 million but have ballooned to MYR120 million due to accumulating interests. It was finally paid by the current administration.

Legal and criminal action should be taken against this kind of irresponsible actions of miscreant MBs/CMs wasting taxpayer's money unnecessarily.

Full story here.

Has Najib lost control of his boys or he just couldn't care less?

It's the obvious, UMNO is digging its own grave.


Freddie Kevin said...

Salam HL,

Another one. No matter what the reason for non-payment, the least the State Govt could do is to get into negotiation to resolve the matter. I am sure the plaintiff would agree to come into some kind of settlement. A reasonable one that is.

If I am not mistaken the plaitiff can obtain a writ of summon and seizure for assets of the defendents.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Should UMNO go under, it will solve alot of problems.

Benci Munafik.

Purple Haze said...

There is another land case in Johor involving the current DPM who was CM of Johore then. Its called the Stamford Holdings case.

It went to court but was settled outside, ostensibly to avoid any dirty linen being hung out to dry.