Friday, January 27, 2012

Declaration Of Assets:Keeping The Lid On The Pandora's Box

Hantu Laut

The Prime Minister should not buckle to some of the opposition's ridiculous demands.

Ministers should only declare their assets to the PM and no one else.To declare assets to MACC is ridiculous and dangerous, particularly, to those who has substantial liquid assets.Should there be a leak of confidentiality it would be more difficult to trace from which source the leak came from.

If the state of Penang wanted to implement this stupid idea to show off, let them be.It is just a political ploy to hoodwink the people that they would be better government.

I have seen what happened in the Philippines and Indonesia.Every succeeding government that promised to end corruption helped themselves to the same thing.Malaysia, believe me, is not going be different, it's likely to be even worse, we'll have a whole new collection of hungry crocodiles.

I have not heard of any country demanding minister's family and relatives to declare their assets. This is another absurd and stupid idea. Some ministers may already have some substantially rich family members that would make it very uncomfortable and unsafe to disclose their wealth to others.Kidnapping for ransom is still a lucrative trade in this country.Junior civil servants have been know to sell information for money.Do not rule out the probability of this happening.

There are many ways one can hide one's ill gotten gains and the crooks would know how to work the system to their advantage.It would be pointless to legislate law that would soon be redundant.

It falls on the MACC to investigate any minister or civil servant suspected of corruptions, on a case to case basis.The MACC argument is deeply flawed and an attempt to make live easier for them.If such proposal is put into practice than the MACC would have no investigative work to do. They would just have to compare notes without any serious effort to investigate the case thoroughly.

MACC can always request copy of asset's declaration from the PM's office on any minister suspected of corrupt practices.Declaration of assets by cabinet ministers to the prime minister has always been in practice.

I do not agree with former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir, Chua Soi Lek and Mukhriz Mahathir on their support of the proposal.

Only office holder should declare assets. The practice of requiring minister's family to declare assets would seal the Pandora's box even more tightly.Crooked ministers would find other avenues to stash their ill gotten gains making investigation even more difficult.


Anonymous said...

Hot news in S'pore 2 top civil servants was arrested by CPIB for high profile graft involving sex with a same female sales executive. Politicians and top civil servants are not angel. They are prone to misusing their position regardless of their race and religion background.

There, they will dump you before you are proven guilty and will not reinstate you if proven otherwise as leaders and top civil servants should not have any doubt on their integrity.

May one day we will change our mindset to the class of first world.

Purple Haze said...

Assuming Khir Toyo had declared assets to the PM, would there have been any information flowing out of the PM's office to justify how the ex-Selangor MB who was a dentist, could afford to build a multi million Ringgit mansion ?

Or would the PM have said "semua nya okay" and we, the rakyat, have to accept it as that ?

Likewise, would the rakyat ever have known that money designated to increase beef production in Malaysia would instead have gone to purchase expensive condominium units to house the cattle ?

Would the PM have informed the rakyat ?

kittykat46 said...

The "Pandora's Box" is more about how upset and angry the Rakyat may get when they realise how much wealth the Leaders/Crooks have amassed during their time in power.

Shahrizat accidentally or maybe not accidentally let it out when she mentioned there is NO UMNO leader without "Problems".

Anyway, as to who are the super rich leaders and their families, be assured, the interested criminals already know it - call it professional know-how.

Its just the average makcik and pakcik who still thinks all the UMNO leaders are good guys.

Declaring assets to the Prime Minister is Useless, when the PM himself may not be clean, or has an entrenched interest in protecting the Kleptocracy that Malaysia has become.

SM said...

Bro HL,

Declare their assets to the PM? Come on lah bro...for what?
If you are going to declare your assets, it has to be to a legit body like the MACC. Unfortunately the MACC is so corrupted, it's best not to tell them anything.
So, at the end of the day, best to forget this whole idea!