Saturday, January 14, 2012

Elections: No Muhyiddin Against Najib ?

Hantu Laut

As I have said here earlier that there would be no elections in February or March.It's a foregone conclusion.Najib's announced he needs more time for his reforms to bite in here.

Anwar's verdict, unexpected by the Najib's administration, has torpedoed his elections plan. The opposition's claim that the judiciary is guided by the executive is not true anymore.Najib was actually caught by surprise by the court's decision in spite of the fact that the judge had earlier in the proceeding said Saiful was a reliable witness. The general consensus among politicians on both sides of the political divide was that Anwar would be found guilty because the government is out to fix him, to kill his political career.

The judge has, by the acquittal of Anwar, thrown a spanner in Najib's elections plan. A guilty verdict would not send Anwar straight to prison but would put him in the throes of appealing his case, which, by election time, would still carry the stigma of his sodomy case and keep the skeptic away from voting Pakatan.

However, there are both sides to the coin, the verdict has also positive outcome for Najib.It shows that he has not interfered with the judicial system.The Western press have been quick to give positive nod to Najib on the verdict by the court.

So, when would the general elections be held?

It depends on two things. Anwar would have to take a back seat when it comes to Najib's priorities.First and foremost, will his deputy Muhyiddin challenge him for the UMNO presidency in the UMNO elections? If Najib feels he would be challenged that the GE would be held before the UMNO elections.

The opposition's propaganda machines have been working overtime trying to cause a rift between Najib and Muhyiddin, an outcome that would weaken UMNO and cause it to lose the elections.Muhyiddin's supporters in UMNO are employing the same tactic, encouraging him to stand against Najib in the UMNO elections hoping to ride the gravy train should Muhyiddin become prime minister.

These are all wishful thinking.Unless UMNO leaders close ranks before the next GE, neither Najib nor Muhyiddin would be prime minister. The coveted title would be Anwar Ibrahim's.

Muhyiddin is not as stupid as what the oppositions made him out to be.He may, at times, sounds incongruous with Najib but he knew of the danger of rocking the boat that will sink everyone on board.He knew that unless UMNO consolidates before the GE the risk of losing the elections is even greater now with Anwar on the lose.

UMNO leaders should learn from history, from the bad aftertaste of March 2008.

Muhyiddin's supporters would be very disappointed as it is most unlikely that Muhyiddin would challenge Najib for the UMNO presidency.

Only UMNO, with Sabah and Sarawak can save the BN government, MCA and Gerakan would be left out in the cold.The real challenge to BN's Chinese votes is DAP.The Indian votes would be split between BN and Pakatan.

Putting aside any challenge to his presidency the GE would be anywhere between June to December 2012, with the latter being most likely.

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Anonymous said...

Najis will be only a 1-term PM.
Therefore he should drag it to the 5 years period.
Which ever way you look, he will be a 'Loser'-that is certain.

Kotepanjang said...

there are no sure thing in politics, unless it mutual assured destruction.
that sure thing all afraid.

Anonymous said...

DNA from a decomposed body of a passenger who died in Air France's Airbus 330 crash after almost two years submerged in the sea was
able to be retrived for identification purposes. What is 58hours... Only uneducated people can be cheated and fooled by Anwar.

pukimaq said...

I don't care about any motherfucking election. I care about sodomising. Various ways to sodomise.

Anonymous said...

Not Najis but Najib. I'm sure it was a typo error if not for sure your parents have forgotten to switch on their brains and forgotten to teach you basic manner.

kittykat46 said...

I don't know whether there is any real Najib v. Muhyiddin conflict, but in the aftermath of Bersih 2.0, when Najib appeared vulnerable, there was certainly visible Najib supporters vs. Muhyiddin supporters conflict going on.

For Anon 1:05pm, retrieving DNA from flesh which has been in near-freezing water two miles deep is a very different matter from DNA from a VERY bacteria rich environment at body temperature inside a human anus. Any human tissue material (including semen) is food to these bacteria.

You must realise, of course, there is a huge amount of bacteria activity in your anus, some of it very dangerous to health - that's why your Mommy taught you to wash your hands thoroughly after Toilet (I certainly hope she did that)

In addition to that, in a rape/sodomy court case, the prosecution must not only prove DNA is present in the crime scene (anus), you must prove beyond reasonable doubt it came from live sperm at the scene , and not by any other means.

I think only the two men and God only knows the real truth whether these two actually "did it", but the prosecution has failed to prove the case within the standard required of a human court.

A lot of first-rate legal brains have been following the proceedings of the case. The judge - and the Malaysian judiciary would have been the subject of all kinds of jokes if the verdict had been guilty.