Monday, January 9, 2012

Why I Predicted Anwar's Acquittal - No Elections ?

Hantu Laut

Did Najib deliver the master stroke? Has he had a hand in the court decision to acquit Anwar?

I would say NO!

Anwar and Pakatan's leaders still upheld the notion that the judiciary is not independent.

If a layman like me can predict the verdict of the court correctly, it is most unfair and scurrilous to speculate that the court is still not free of executive intervention.

The judge has made his decision based on physical and circumstantial evidences presented to the court, some of which appeared to be spurious claims.

It was not a case of the court not being independent, it was a case of the prosecution's incompetence of pursuing a case which the AG should have rightfully thrown in the rubbish bin.The AG should seriously reconsider his role as a public prosecutor.

I have been following the court case quiet closely and see how the prosecution bungled the case big time.DNA evidence presented to the court seemed to have been plucked out of thin air.One may ask the irony of the victim's confession of not washing his arse for a few days to preserve DNA evidence.

In most rape cases there were always a heightened desire to cleanse oneself quickly of the stigma of rape.A rape victim always suffer the anguish of feeling dirty but in the case of Mohd Saiful he joyfully did not shower or washed himself and did not seem to have suffered the trauma of a rape victim.The first medical examination of his arse showed no evidence of penetration of any kind.

The acquittal of Anwar will not enhance Pakatan's chance of winning the 13th General Elections and there won't be any elections in February or March.

It would be fatal and foolish for Najib to hold the elections soon after the verdict.He still has over a year before he is compelled to dissolve parliament.

The reason of the declining economy as to why he should call elections soon is fallacious.The economy will not suffer a meltdown, far from it, if there'll be one, it would be a manageable short economic doldrums.

Time is on his side.



Purple Haze said...


From a layman's point of view, the lack of evidence of penetration would have been sufficient for the prosecution NOT to pursue this case.

For reasons only known to the Solicitor General's office more than 2 years ago, they decided to push it and in the ensuing years, spend taxpayer's money.

The case had many flaws as legal historians will one day point out.

But one incident makes me believe that the judiciary is not quite independent. Amidst all this celebration by the Opposition, we seem to have forgotten that PM Najib escaped being called to the witness stand despite being a key player in this case. He had met the victim a couple of dyas before the incident and thus, Najib's testimony would be critical.

Did both parties make an agreement NOT to have the PM take the stand (and save him from telling anything) and put forward this as a condition for the acquittal ?

If that is the case, whether you are pro-govt or not, the judiciary may have taken instruction from someone. Maybe that's why the Opposition fellas are saying that although not very loudly.

Pak Zawi said...

Purple Haze has a point there.

Hantu Laut said...

Purple Haza and Pak Zawi,

It would be unfair to lump all eggs in one basket, just like in any profession,there are good and bad apples.THe people's perception that the whole judiciary is corrupt and control by the executive is induced by Anwar and Pakatan constant attack on the judiciary when things don't go their way.

With the exception of a few, most judges have high degree of integrity.

Anonymous said...

It was disclosed that S'pore intelligence had spied on him and confirmed of his strange activities. One day the truth will prevail. We need more people like Dr. Hassan Ali who was brave enough to tell the people what is good for the country.

Why didn't he thanks Allah for answering his supporter 'solat hajat' by given him the verdict which was in his favour? Instead he said it was because Najib was force to show his transformation seriouly and pressured by his foreign countries supporters. He treats Allah as one of his supporter...he must be crazy.

SM said...

Bro HL,

Just looking at it logically, you would come to the conclusion that this was planned!
The moment the Verdict was announced, our Minister of Mis-Information Rais screams how independent our Judiciary is because of the verdict!
I was told or did I read it (?) that Poofter Saiful was not there for the Verdict? Why? After all the months of Court Trials, he's not there when the Verdict is read? Don't you think he was warned or told before hand?
The BN comes out of this much better than it went in!
You are doing a big dis-service to Najib thinking that he has no hand in any of this!
Just wait until after the GE. When or if the BN wins again, they will then go after DSAI again!

Anonymous said...

Saiful was not there because he feared for his safety, confident of a guilty verdict.

Anonymous said...

I think the sodomy acts have been consensual all along then suddenly Saiful thought he would get something by telling Najib (PKR nemesis) about this activity between him and Anwar... the rest is history.

To the western world and to right-thinking people this "sting" by Saiful is politically motivated, as simple as that.Hence Najib's decision not to give evidence because Najib, likely to be properly brought up, simply doesn't know how to lie like Anwar.

I don't like Anwar Ibrahim for what he did when he was the Education Minister... Islamisation of teachers' colleges and schools because things have gone out of hand now, the division, the intolerance and the bigotry are just so sad.

I am a Muslim and I believe Allah swt frowns upon those who break up silaturrahim in this instance between Muslim and Non-Muslim and between those who wear the hijab and those who don't.

Fancy the Americans think that Anwar is a liberal Muslim! And then of course Americans love to see a country which is democratic but unstable!!

Anwar is great in form but not in substance that is why he loves associating with effeminate men, remember his so called adopted brother Sukma Susmintad something?

Someone said Anwar is a chameleon and I agree.

Thanks God Tun got rid of him!And yet lost "cows" are forced to have a leader and want to ride with him for an alternative government!

History has shown that people tend to follow a "charismatic leader" blindly at their peril.