Friday, February 10, 2012

This Man A Shame And An Abomination

Hantu Laut

This man is a shame and an abomination.

Why did he stays in UMNO for decades knowing how evil the political ideology is?Did he not enjoy the spoils as much as his compatriots that he now accused of the despicable act of bribery and corruption? Where was his conscience then?

He must have locked it up in the safe and forgot the combination?

Why did he not tell the prime minister then, right in his face, that he wants no part of this despicable act and resign his ministerial post and leave the party?

Read his regurgitations here and here.

Obviously, he wants to curry favour with the opposition.

DAP, is looking for Malay candidates for the general elections, a fertile ground for UMNO has-beens. He might follow the path of Sakmongkol AK47, ex-UMNO assemblyman,whom, I believe will be fielded as one of DAP Malay candidates.


Anonymous said...

PKR maybe, more suitable for UMNO has been like him and PKR will carry the UMNO culture to the PR. That is so sad for Malaysian politics.

Sakmongkol is different, he had been consistent for the last four to five years voicing out his concern within UMNO but to no avail.

Purple Haze said...

He saw the light ???

It doesn't matter which political party you are in, even in the incumbent govt. They must do the right thing.

And for the past few decades, the Malaysian rakyat have been blindsided. The Internet age has exposed a lot of the incumbent govt wheeling and dealing.

Not to say that the Opposition folks are any better. But they have not had as much "opportunnity" and a system of checks and balances which are true to democratic principles will benefit the rakyat the most.

Freddie Kevin said...

Salam HL,

In the days before the internet, this guy was also a subject of an allegation or rumour to impropriety if my memory serves me correctly.

Anyway this guy with the bow has got no arrows and even if he did it doesn't shoot straight.


Anonymous said...

Devils were born without any principle and integrity. Only intellectual handicapped people would be unable to recognise them. I support the opinion on doing the right things regardless of which political party you belong to. The bottom line is the interest of the country that matter most.

SM said...

Bro HL,

The TRUTH is hard to swallow isn't it?