Saturday, March 24, 2012

Like Father, Like Son

Hantu Laut

If you are son or daughter of a prominent figure you might be better off going for a tinkle before you show your biceps to some poor security guard.

No matter how right you were, you be deemed the guilty party.Never argue or fight with people below your level of gray matter.Don't expect a security guard to have initiative and uses his own discretion to entertain your wishes.

Minister in the PM Dept Nazri's son was reported to have assaulted a security supervisor

(That looks like an expensive Cubano cigar)

It took me back to the past, about three decades ago, when I had to intervene an ugly scene from ensuing between my friend and a club bouncer in Singapore, over a little misunderstanding.Coincidentally, my friend was also a son of a prominent figure in Sabah, no less a chief minister.To cut it short, I reminded my friend that this is Singapore and I am a resident here and lest he forgets his father is not a chief minister here.I was young then but my good sense saved us a night at the police lock-up, me calling my wife to bail me out and worse me picking up a criminal record.

Let see, why this young man has to travel with bodyguards? Is he trying to show off or he has too may enemies? Are the bodyguards to protect him or protect his expensive toy?

Being a son of a minister one may ask if he is he a successful business man to be able to buy a Porsche, which is an expensive toy to maintain if you don't have a deep pocket.If he is not, than tongues would be waging where he gets the money from.

Top of the range 911 Porsche would set you aside well over RM1.0 million.Not sure which model he claimed proud ownership?

What is it about this kind of people? Do they glean vicarious power from that of their fathers?

For some, it seemed to run in the family.


Anonymous said...

Spare the rod and spoil the child. To all those parents out there who can provide anything for their children please remember do not protect them form the wrong that they do. If you do the crime you must do the time. If you protect them they will become emboldened and do more wrong in the belief that two wrongs make onre right.

Anonymous said...

My goodness..real samseng looking! Bet you he didn't even bother to finish his studies and get a good education..afterall money comes easy.
Hope Dato' Nazri janganlah bertanding dalam PRU 13..nampak sangat like father like son.
We do not condone any minister who allow his son to behave like a gangster!