Friday, April 6, 2012

Najib, Leave Amiga And Her Pakatan Bosses To Their Own Demise

Hantu Laut

Amigo Sreenavasan has threatened the government with another sequel, she called "Bersih 3". A showdown at Padang Merdeka on 28th April if electoral reforms are not executed before the 13th GE she said.

This lady lawyer is doing the oppositions' bidding.Without Pakatan's leaders full backing she won't be able to get a bus-load of mules onto the streets of Kuala Lumpur?

This bunch of Pakatan's political eunuches using her, overestimated their popularity and boasted they would have won the last GE if there were no massive cheatings by BN.Sounds more like one big lie and a case of sour grapes.

If you are so sure of your popularity why do you need to stage mass demonstrations every now and then? If the people love you so much, no amount of money and cheating can change their minds

We, Sabahans know this,
if we really want a change we'll take the incumbent's money and vote the other side.We have done it a few times before.

Harris Salleh is a living testimony and a victim of the power of the people.The most powerful BN leader in Sabah at that time, he and his party was trashed by a new born party led by Joseph Pairin Kitingan, winning only 6 seats out of 48 they contested.Harris lost his seat in Tenom to an unknown giant killer.

With all the power, the money and the cheating how come Harris faltered so badly?

Amiga, I am afraid you are not a very bright lawyer because you lack the power of reasoning.

I am sure there have been isolated cases of cheating in the Malaysian polls.Even in the largest democracy where her forefathers came from there have been cases of cheating and worst, murders.Not that we should condone such appalling behaviour but to say there have always been wholesale cheating by the BN government is stretching one's imagination too far.

Anyone with the head properly screwed onto the shoulder can see how so bloody disorganised the BN have been when it comes to cheating at the polls. They are so amateurish in their cheating they almost lost the government in the 12th GE.

If not for Sabah and Sarawak they would have been a reversal of fortune, the BN would have become the opposition and Pakatan Rakyat the government.

It's obvious that the people are still not ready for a Malaysian Spring that Anwar Ibrahim so much wanted to happen.Anwar knew that's the only way he can be prime minister.

So! Amiga, where are the proofs of massive cheating other than you living in a state of denial and trying to cheat yourself and the people?

Lest you forget, over the many decades that the BN was in power they have also lost seats to independent candidates.Mind you! these small fries can win against the mighty BN.

Obviously, you prefer to serve your political masters rather than serve the truth.

More shameful, you use that poor old near senile national laureate Pak Samad to lead the procession.This old bugger did not realise he is being used by you and your puppetmasters to try lend credence to your monkey business.

My advice to that very blur Minister of Home Affairs, let it be, let them loose on the streets, let them have their say.

One hundred thousands stupid mules in KL do not represent the political sentiments of the people of this nation.


Anonymous said...

Dear Bro HL

You put it rightly. First time reading your blog.
Those fellas must take all matters to the street since they have now bankrolled by their foreign supporter. This is how they justify their need for funds la. Demonstrasi sana sini,nak print poster, air botol, bayar duit poket NGO-NGO, kursus pilihanraya lah semua tu duit bro. Itu aje nyawa mereka, tapi nak govern macamana?

Purple Haze said...


From another perspective, if there is nothing wrong with the electoral roll and processes, there will not be a Bersih 3.0.

Can you give good reasons why the Speaker fast tracked the amendments in Parliament without discussion ? That is not democracy, don't you agree ?

And please don't say that there was no time. It is an important issue for the nation that the process in which Malaysians have a direct say in the government has to be clean and efficient.

Maybe you can explain how there are houses who have more than a hundred voters registered ? The EC does not seem to want to give any clarification. Maybe database error ?

I mean, any smart IT person can easily write a program that flags out any address with more than say, 10 voters. But seems like the EC's program does not highlight these kind of discrepancies but rather, waits for someone to point it point it out to them.

That is why there is a need for the rolls to be cleaned up and other processes to be efficient so that we, the rakyat, get a fair deal.

If the incumbent govt wins, then fair play to them but not because the voting is rigged. In Sabah, you are surely aware of foreigners having NRIC and registered to vote. Does it come to this that the governing of Malaysia is subject to the swing of votes held by "foreigners" ?

Freddie Kevin said...


I agree and excellent rebuttal of BERSHIT bullshit.

Let the dogs have their day.

I may go and see what's happening..contributing to the thousands expected..out of curiosity..if they are still there..after work ie, working that day.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Agree. Let them march peacefully. Nothing to lose. Less negative image and publicity for the government. Turn the police onto them and you have one giant headache!

Anonymous said...

Actually the one at fault is the EC and it's employees.

If they can't clean up discrepancies in the electoral rolls which is such a simple job and thus create so much confusion and politiking, privatised it out to someone else who can and reliable like those well known Accounting firms.

What's holding them back?

eddy said...

I agree Bro, if they want "Bersih3" at Dataran Merdeka or Stadium Merdeka or wherever they want it to be, the KDN/PDRM should give them permission to do so. Only regulate the hours say from 11am to 3pm on 28th April 2012.

PDRM are there to regulate traffic and security only but no need FRUs with baton/shields/tear gas, they are just on standby just in case things get unruly.

Also no need to give these demonstrators free food let them bring their own.

Anonymous said...

In S'pore, Hougang MP was sacked recently by his Workers Party and has to vacate his parlimentary seat due to his extramarital affair. The party knows that S'porean don't support immoral leader which involve in scandal.

In M'sia, they supported their immoral leader with their lives on the street. Pathetic, you don't need to be a bloody lawyer to have mentality of a First world country.

You're right not all lawyers are smart. She seems to be switching her brain off. The senile sasterawan has forgotten to switch on his but that is normal.

Anonymous said...

Hidup Anwar! We the die hard supporters will support him with our lives on the street for him.

Anonymous said...

Purple Haze,

Maybe you can explain how there are houses who have more than a hundred voters registered ? The EC does not seem to want to give any clarification. Maybe database error ?

You must be living in your convenient of not knowing the situation in the kampung.

In many many kampungs in Malaysia, they use pool address because there is simply no address in their house. One designated house will be the address for all the postal communication. So that explains why there are more than a hundred votes who registered in the same address.

Anonymous said...

Well said, HL

Yeah, let these losers have their day (or even days) in the sun. Biar lah mereka berjemur.
Police shd not set up road blocks, don't waste our money rolling in water cannons, moiblising FRU and, please don't even feed them like you did the last time.
I say let them have the run of the place, nak riot ke, cause massive jams, ke... Biarkan.
They are boasting they gonna bring 500,000. So what? There are millions more at home spending time with their families, shopping at the malls, going to movies, playing sports. So Biarkan.
A sit-in. Wah! a throwback to the Sixties and led by a v old man who looks like he belong to the hippie era.

Enjoy your day or even days sitting under the hot sun, losers.


Anonymous said...

Please save our beloved country from the dogs by supporting Bersih 3.0 this 28th April. The E.C. Is being raped by Umno goons. It will not be a fair election, mind you. The only way is to take to the street and flex people's power if not our nation's coffer will be another RM500 billion poorer five years down the road.

Purple Haze said...

Anonymous April 7, 2012 1:51 PM

In many many kampungs in Malaysia, they use pool address because there is simply no address in their house. One designated house will be the address for all the postal communication. So that explains why there are more than a hundred votes who registered in the same address

After 54 yrs of progress and development, it is a sad reflection of the incumbent govt that the situation that you have mentioned above exists in this country.

There were 938 addresses
with between 51 to 100 registered voters and another 324 with more than 100 registered voters. That's a lot of kampungs that must have been lacking in development funds for years. That's about 80,000 or more voters that may be dubious.

I am not saying that they are not authentic but surely the EC should have been able to flag this out and have a reason for such unusual registration. Instead, they have remained very, very quiet.

CheWal said...

@ purple haze,

obviously you don't read much. EC has answered every single argument raised by BERSIH (I prefer to call them BODOH).

not only that, there are so many blogs explain and answer all the arguments including same address with many registered voters.

at one time, the supporters of BODOH produced list of IC numbers to show the voters that registered in the same address.... even this has been answered by so many blogs...

No only that, EC has improved the process from time to time, but those in BODOH couldn't see this.

In reality, BODOH 3.0 is never about election. BODOH 3.0 is just about political stunt by PR. It is just for their politic survival...not more than that.