Monday, May 28, 2012


Hantu Laut

Snake oil:   A product that has been proven to not live up to the vendor's marketing hype.Elixirs and potions of all kinds, even ones that supposedly included the oils from snakes, were sold as a cure for everything that ailed a person.

Remember the Wild West, travelling huckster selling snake oil that can cure everything from blindness to any ailment under the sun, big or small. 

In Sabah, we also have our version of snake oil salesman travelling for one tamu ground to another in our small towns. Their concoction also promised to cure everything from erectile dysfunction to every imaginable illnesses that you can think of, including the many incurable cancers.

It's what I called selling hopes.

In our national politics, one man stands out as the greatest 'snake oil' salesman, selling hopes to the people so that he can become the prime minister of this country.The heaps of cure-all promises he made can make the real culprit gaping in awe. His name is Anwar Ibrahim.

Prince Charles was once branded as a 'snake oil' salesman for his support of homeopathic remedies.Homeophatic and chiropractic spine manipulation are potentially dangerous treatment according to some medical experts.

Let's list some, if not all, of Anwar's promises to make Malaysians reach greater height or suffer a greater malady at his hands.

He said that a political change was badly needed to free the country from corruption, poverty, racism, discrimination and exploitation.That I have no doubt we all must do.

If that come from someone who has not been in government, who has not shared the evils that he mentioned, who is fresh and had no sin of commission I would support him wholeheartedly.

He said if Pakatan were to take Putrajaya, the petrol price would go down the very next day and the toll charges for the North-South Expressway would be abolished.

How many billions in subsidies and compensation would the Malaysian taxpayers have to fork out ? The government must compensate the concessionaires for the losses they may incur. Unless, Anwar can turn this country into absolute socialism or communism and nationalised all the privatised highways, there is no way he can avoid paying compensations.

Anwar  also promised he would increase for Sabah and other oil producing states oil royalty from 5% to 20%. 

Would he be taking from the left pocket to pay the right pocket and reduce the federal allocation of development expenditure to the oil producing states? The states would be back to square one, it would be a short-lived happiness, as they later found out they have been short-changed. 

Anwar also promised to abolish the PTPTN and write-off loans already given out.

Again, one should look at this as another one of his 'playing to the gallery' promise that would deprive less fortunate students to further their studies, if the government don't make tertiary education absolutely free for all students, rich or poor.Do we have the resources to make all tertiary education free?

Can the government afford such tremendous strain on its budget?

Anwar, also promised to trim the national budget, cut budget deficit and bring down the per capita debt?

So, fellow Malaysians, tell me, just a few of those promises he made, how do you reconcile with the last one, the trimming of the national budget. 

On one hand he was lavishly generous and on the other hand he promised prudence in his spending, cutting it to the bare minimum. 

You don't have to be a genius to figure out how horrendous our "balance sheet" would be if all those promises were implemented. 

His mathematics does not add up !

The nation would end having no money for developments.

Don't you think ANWAR is the super-duper SNAKE OIL 


Anonymous said...

If indeed he is the snake oil man, then PM is a condemn man being the murderer.

Anonymous said...

Anon,Please try post something not as nasty as yours,just a little comment about your beloved DSAI on his blog or any other PR's blog..will they publish your thought? NO WAY coz I ve tried that and yet you people talk about democracy & free speech

Purple Haze said...

Prior to his termination as DPM in 1998, I thought that Anwar Ibrahim was a snake oil salesman due to his meteoric rise from ABIM.

But the conduct of the Sodomy I and II cases showed that the govt was even more scary than he was !

Anwar Ibrahim is still a salesman as are all politicians trying to win your vote. But 6 years in jail and a lengthy spell on the other side of the political divide seems to have put him in touch with the aspirations of the rakyat more.

The Opposition has actually put up some workable solutions like DAP's toll roads proposal whereby the ralyat could be released from paying road tolls in less than 10 years (but of course, the govt would not have this for obvious reasons) and the current Selangor Water impasse (wonder why the Federal govt does not want to give control of water to Selangor ?)

PM Najib is trying to be a reformist but his UMNO underlings are trying their best to undermine his work. Some of the others in the BN leadership are even more of a snake oil salesman that Anwar Ibrahim was.

The problem with PM Najob is that he has plenty of skeletons in the closet and cannot be exposed. Hence, his hands are tied in many situations. But that is his problem which unfortunately projects him as a snake oil salesman as well !