Sunday, May 27, 2012

Merdeka Poll: Are West Malaysians Cows ?

Hantu Laut

Nine out 10 West Malaysians voters want the electoral roll cleaned up before the 13th general elections.

George Gallup would be very impressed with the Merdeka Centre poll, a 90% affirmation, such extraordinary result.

How the Merdeka Centre conduct their survey and extrapolating the result is only known to them. 

Who audit their books?

Maybe, it's high time the government appoint a body to audit their poll results to ensure there would not be misleading polls to juggle public opinion.

Would that poll confirm that West Malaysians are cows? Can't think for themselves. They need people like Ambiga, the fame seeker, to rein them in and lead them to pasture.

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Anonymous said...

I understand Merdeka need to please their paymaster but bluffing with stupid figure make them like stooges feeding the public with fabricated statistic. Who will believe this survey? maybe cows...who participated? maybe their own uncles, fathers and grandfathers.

Purple Haze said...


Merdeka Centre's Feb 2012 poll showed 69% approval rating of the PM's performance.

Are you going to question that also ? I think they present their methodology on their website and I'm sure that they can defend the results if needed.

One could question how the questions are worded to arrive at the result but nonetheless, a 90$ affirmation of any topic shows that the mosjority of the opinions on the topic at hand are in unison.

Maybe it is a shock to you, as it is to me, but even if one assigns a high margin of error of 10%, it still tells that the rakyat feels that the electoral rolls should be cleaned up.

Of course, the deputy EC chief thinks that the rakyat "don't know anything" but he fails to see that the perception of the EC is poor and he shoots his mouth to amplify that image even more.

What a moron he is. Instead of defending the EC, he attacks the rakyat !

SM said...

Bro HL,

As usual you East Malaysians shoot at the West Malaysians for no real reason.

Maybe West Malaysians are cows...but then East Malaysians are brainless Monkeys of UMNO. Why? Because UMNO uses East Malaysians to stay in power. And all they get for that is some Peanuts! Period. They are Fixed Deposit States that's all.
Even for Minimum Wages UMNO sets a lower rate for East Malaysians (even though the Cost of Living there is higher! And you guys keep quiet!?

I think Purple Haze has answered sufficiently well. As for the EC chief & his Deputy...well they are UMNO members (impartial? Ya right!).

As for Anonymous (9:32PM), if the figures of the Merdeka Poll are wrong...sure! Then I guess the recent figures showing the PM's 69% popularity must have been obtained by asking the PM's uncles, fathers & grandfathers also!

Don't disparage the West Malaysians because of some poll bro. You may hate Ambiga & DSAI & the Opposition but all's fair in love & war...

Hantu Laut said...


There you are all, huff and puff, over cow dung.You may not realised monkeys are biologically smarter than cows.Yes, if you wish, we are monkeys.

Don't get upset, calling you guys 'cows' is just a metaphor.

How come you did not comment on my last posting "Ambiga.Anwar:Is The British Electoral Roll Dirty Too?"

None of you pro-opposition diehard supporters make any comment because the trouble with you guys you want to believe in lies and ignore the truths.

If the electoral roll is so dirty, how come Lim Guan Eng can become chief minister of Penang and DAP took control of the state.

The results of March 2008 was a message cows can't read and cows also couldn't appreciate since Penang was predominantly Chinese UMNO leaders have always gave way and made a Chinese the chief minister.

If UMNO is so dirty why did they not fix the electoral rolls, once and for all, for all states and parlimentary seats so they can rule till the cows come home.

Nine out of 10 cows do not have the brain to think independently. You all have become suckers to Anwar Ibrahim, the man who first started the bullshit because he couldn't become PM in 2008, he excreted another bullshit, that the electoral roll is dirty and needs cleaning up.

Please answer my question how Pakatan can win big in 2008 and won 8 subsequent by-elections if the rolls are so dirty?

Please also read my last post and you tell me how come the Labour party in Britain only garnered 36.1% of the votes in its 2005 elections and formed the government on its own.Can we also say the British electoral roll is dirty?

I hope you answer those questions truthfully with your head, not your heart.

I gave you time of the day because I think you are one of the few smart commentators that come to this blog.

You would not imagine how many nasty comments I get against BN leaders each day, that I would not even dare post it here.

Attacking me personally is not a problem, I can take it in my stride and I can respond.

SM said...

Bro HL, didn't like being called Monkey right? My apologies...I just wanted to make a point.

The only reason why I did that was to show you that it does not really get you anywhere to disparage others, by resorting to name calling!

We are ALL Malaysians, whether West or East, whether pro-Opposition or pro-BN. Too bad UMNO & the BN can'r reconsile with that.

Sorry, I did not read your article on Ambiga / DSAI. Unfortunately I'm just too busy nowadays to catch up on my reading. So when I do visit your site, I may or may not comment depending on whether I have to run off somewhere else.

To me the only reason why PR did not "take" Putrajaya in the last GE was because it was so dirty (no thanks to the EC). Again I repeat, if the EC was so impartial, the EC Chief & his Deputy should have resigned when it came out that they were still UMNO Members (instead of lying once again that they could't remember.....taking a cue from our TDM there!). Only in Malaysia can you get away with stuff like that.

To me Malaysia has 4 Classes of Citizens:-

1/ West Malaysian Malays
2/ West Malaysian Bumis
3/ East Malaysians
4/ Malaysian Chinese, Indians & Others

I guess you guys aren't too bad being in the 3rd Class Category!

Purple Haze said...


I certainly do not wish to disparage you either and always respect your point of view.

Here's something to help you chill out

Malaysians of either side of the divide should at least be able to see the humour in this. You can also input "Ribena Berry" in Youtube if the link doesn't work.