Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Chinese View Najib Incapable - Selena Tay

Hantu Laut

Another dim-witted writer.

"The Chinese view the prime minister as not a capable person for not being able to do such a simple thing as dissolving Parliament. Thus the longer he holds off the polls, the more the Chinese will view him as being not capable and the more Chinese votes he will lose as many are already losing confidence in him due to his foot-dragging over the polls date".

Can write but stupid! 

Dissolving parliament is the prime minister's prerogative.No one can force him to do so, not until his term expires.

Except for this stupid lady, who called the PM incapable and assumed Chinese are stupid,  I am sure most Chinese knew the PM's term has not run out, he has until March 2013 to call for elections.

Why blame the prime minister if you monkeys, every now and then, make you own wrong prediction! 

As I have said in my earlier posts, read my lip....anytime after Ramadan and before end of the year..... or if it makes you feel better, he may dissolve parliament by Monday 25 June, or just to annoy you political scumbags he may stretch the whole nine yards.

Has she been appointed spokesperson for the Chinese community?

Anyway, I have written off Chinese supports for BN long before the shit hit the fan.

Majority Chinese supports would go to DAP and most Malay votes would go to UMNO, except for the so-called scroll conscious Melayus who think they have made it, think smarter than a 5th grader and think can survive the level playing field......on mere perception of self-conceit.

PKR would be the only party in Pakatan limping home.

Don't you think it would be nice, for a change, to have a real opposition leader and not a de-facto one.

I'll vote Lim Kit Siang for opposition leader because DAP would get the most seats among the 3 components in Pakatan.

Read her scabby piece here.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Ms Selena Tay speaks for the Chinese.
Hello miss speak for yourself, lar.
The Chinese may not vote BN but certainly not for Ms Tay's reasons.

HL, I've seen articles by the said Ms Tay (I said 'seen' because I never have the patience to "read" her in entirety). Always opinionated. More emotion that facts. Stoopid.
Stupid is as stupid does.

Anonymous said...

Chinese will vote the chinese. They will support their own community in business, politic, education and so on. Malays were urged to take example how the chinese are so successful in business but the malay consumer were never told how buying from their own community will help them to become a strong community. Mustaffa Centre in Singapore is so succesful and famous because they are supported by the Indian community regardless of their religion background. Maybe Malay consumer are not that smart to think that far or they are just not born to be racist by not buying last from non malay.

I hope they have realised this and stop their arrogance behavior by excessively asking for more. For the malays they should take 'smart' example from a successful community to make their future generation ecominically and politically successful and prevent further humilliation which current generation is facing. We should learn that there is nothing wrong to be racist as long as we are not inhuman. Let's stand united and compete for superiority and supremacy.... if we play the game right we should turn around the table and demand as excessive as they are now.

SM said...

Bro HL,

Why is she stupid? What she says is the truth.
You sure the Malays will vote for UMNO (well some of them will but many won't)? Why do you think PM Najib is dragging his feet on the GE?
He knows he has 50% of the Indian vote (not bad), maybe 30% of the Chinese vote (as much as he will ever get) & probably 50% of the Malay vote (& this is why he's pushing in back some more).
The longer he drags his feet the worse it's going to get. Why? Well more shit is coming out daily on UMNO & BN.
He should call for the next GE now & put us all out of our misery.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:12pm

Spoken, just like Hitler in spinning to the Germans as the superior Aryans.

Are you a Mamak trying to be Malay kah?

Anonymous said...

No choice Najib has to give in to the chinese demand as the malays are disintegrated now. Even if he kow tow to them he won't get their vote. Chinese are chinese. In eagerness to attain independent for Malaysia Abd Rahman was seen failed to foresee the greediness of this creature.

Anonymous said...

I think Najib will stretch it to the end of term.
Why? Because Selangor is doing so, and Najib will wait for Selangor to dissolve when the MB announce.
Its now depend on Khalid Ibrahim's call.
Najib wants selangor back. Simple.

So the answer to when is PRU13, that depends on Khalid Ibrahim prerogative. Don't you think so?