Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How Many Smart People On This Planet?

Hantu Laut

A comment on what I wrote in "Why Are There Fireworks At PAS "Hijau" Rally ?

Purple Haze said...
A bit of constructive criticism, if you may ?

This post seems to focus on your venting on the presence of fireworks at a PAS rally which you feel is extravagant.

I think this is a waste of your intellect to harp on a trivial issue like this when the larger picture is whether the rally actually garnered 50,000 or more participants.

The lack of reporting of this by the MSM and the pro-govt blogs seems to indicate that comment on this gathering is not encouraged.

The other aspect is whether these participants were paid to attend, as has been alleged of pro-govt rallies (and with some evidence provided in come blogs).

I don't have the answers but I thought that you should be writing on the substantive issues instead of the trivial.

Just trying to be constructive. No offence meant.

Purple Haze, 

Obviously, you don't get my point.The point I am trying to convey in my article is that the picture posted on FMT is lying as there was no firework at the PAS rally.

It's not the firework the central issue here, it's the cheating to hoodwink the people. Many of the pro-opposition so-called news portal indulge in hyperbole. The picture posted was a fake.

With today's computer age you can manipulate photos, videos, including films on the big screen. You can take Queen Elizabeth head (no pun intended) and put it on a naked body of a porn actor and some idiots would actually believe it was her body.

There are only .01 percent smart people in this world who used their gray matter to make the world a better place to live in.Without their invaluable contributions we would still be living in the stone age.

America, is a great nation, many modern innovations came from there, but 99% of the population are stupidly ignorant, only the 1% helped to make it the greatest nation on this planet..

The average IQ of an adult American, I guess is between 80-90 .Watch the video below.

Yes, America a great country but plenty of stupid people.

Think of past geniuses, the innovators, the inventors and how they changed the world.Without Alexander Graham Bell there wouldn't be any telephone, without Thomas Edison there wouldn't be the electric light bulb, without the Wright brothers there wouldn't be aeroplane, without Henry Ford there would not be mass production of cars and the list goes on.

You would have seen movies like Avatar where they employed state-of-the-art CGI for realism and special effects, things not possible just a decade ago, has become a reality today.

Doctoring a still photograph is no more rocket science, my 10-year nephew can do it.

The opposition always hyped anything to do with them, a molehill would become a mountain, 20,000 would become 200,000. and so forth.

If you are not analytical or do not have a questioning mind or just simply hate the government, you probably believe everything you read.

People like you either chose to ignore it or can't see through the smokescreen.

I don't consider your criticism in any way constructive because you failed to understand the gist of my article.

That's human nature, when we like something or someone, no matter how rotten the thing or person is, we become love blind.

In Malaysia, most smart people are in Pakatan Rakyat and the pro-opposition supporters. 

Read here, the arrogance of the Bersih lady just because she is a freaking lawyer she thinks she is smarter than everyone else. 


Anonymous said...

Yes, true enough, some idiot can be easily misleaded as proven.

Anonymous said...

siapa yg pergi dia taulah i guess