Sunday, July 22, 2012

AMOK: The Tragedy Of America's Deadly Gun Culture

Hantu Laut

Only in America gun massacres have become routine.

As long as the US government refused to put in place some form of gun control, the carnage of America's passion for guns would continue.

American cities have become the most dangerous place in the world as one can be gunned down anywhere, anytime, in cinemas, restaurants, bars, streets and almost any place these mad people can think of to unload their frustrations and madness on innocent bystanders, aimless killing as gruesome and appalling as that of  suicide bombers.

Such incident conjures a Malay version of the same madness, amok, a state of murderous frenzy originally observed among Malays. Just as bad but less destructive than guns and bombs. Amok has now become less prevalent among Malay society as people become more educated.

A Malay parang (machete) is no match for the automatic gun that pump out hundreds of bullets,  killing and injuring hundreds if the killer persist.

In America, running amok transcends the bounds of rationality.It seems more prevalent among the educated. Is societal discrimination being the reason for one's uncontrollable desire to hit back at society and inflict the worst possible carnage on unmindful and innocent bystanders?

Is America becoming a sick society? The victims of the NRA (National Rifle Association) who fought tooth and nail to keep guns freely in the hands of American.

After so many incidents and refusal to put in some form of gun control, the American President and Congress are equally guilty for allowing these killing machines continue to be freely available to its citizen.

The story below tell the anguish and nightmares of parents whose children were mercilessly gunned down by a very sick young American boy. 

The tragedy of America's deadly gun culture.

From the New Yorker:


The murders—it dignifies them to call them a “tragedy”—in Aurora, Colorado, have hit us all hard, though the grief of the friends and families of the victims is unimaginable. Still, it hits home, or someplace worse than home, for any parent who (as I did, as so many did) had a kid at one of the many midnight screenings of the new Batman movie last night, they having gone to see it the moment it opened. Once again, as so often before, the unthinkable news is disassembled, piece by piece, into its heartbreaking parts. After the Virginia Tech shooting, the horrifying detail, as I wrote at the time, was that the cell phones were still ringing in the pockets of the dead children as their parents tried to call them. In Colorado, you can’t expunge the knowledge of the sudden turn from pleasure to horror that those children experienced. As the smoke bomb went off, some of the kids inside apparently thought that it was a special effect, part of the fun, until they began to see “people holding themselves.” According to the Aurora police, the suspect, James Holmes, who is twenty-four, was carrying both a rifle and a handgun. The bullets were fired so freely that they penetrated the wall separating one movie theatre in a multiplex to devastate people in the next one.

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well this most advanced nation believes in TOTAL freedom including freedom to kill and freedom to obliterate their own race thru lgbt