Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Striking Off SUARAM Is Justifiable

Hantu Laut

SUARAM is a private limited company registered with the the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM) instead of the Register of Societies (ROS).Read here.

How could human rights NGO be registered under the Companies Act, which regulate entity that have its objective the acquisition of gain. For all intents and purposes SUARAM should be considered a society and registered under ROS.

What are the objectives in the MOA, does it include dabbling in politics, which is what it is actively involved in and pursuing right now?

Obviously, the people behind the company have broken the law and like any other lawbreakers they should face the music.

As usual the opposition and its hound dogs would hit back at the government and the prime minister accusing him of using intimidation and harassment  by the authority.

Malaysia Chronicle and its obsequiously-assed journo has her craps here. 

Read to you heart's content, this is not pro-oppositions blog but we want you to read what the oppositions write.If SUARAM can get those documents, you mean the Malaysian Special Branch could not lay their hands on such documents? 

Wong Choon Mei, please get your head wired to the right conduit!

Don't give those jokers too much credit for such an expensive sleuth work which requires millions of ringgit to finance and the account books showed pittance collected over the years. Where the money coming from?

Listen to the political motivation of the speaker.

The CCM and the IRD need to know where you get so much money to finance such extensive and expensive investigative works in Europe. 

You can fool the kampong folks and those educated fools but you can't fool people who had done extensive business and travel in Europe. Nothing is cheap and nothing is free when dealing with Europeans, more so with lawyers.

A raid on SUARAM's office is justified.

A raid by officers of CCM of SUARAM office was aborted due to a faulty search warrant.Trust our civil servant for knowing their stuff, more often than not, they are the source of more trouble and an embarrassment to the government.

Many of you who had run or is running a business know what happened when you failed to comply with requirements under the Companies Act.

Like any company that broke the law where the directors are charged and fined, the charges against SUARAM are far greater than the normal misdemeanour and striking off the company is justifiable.


Purple Haze said...

Lets put some things in perspective.

Perimekar's "commission" was over EUR 100 million (which is around RM 400 million). This "commission" is paid for by the rakyat of Malaysia.

Suaram's alleged millions for expensive investigative work could be from the govt coffers. If so, I am sure that the Treasury has an audit trail. If given by donations by Malaysians of other entities (within and outside the country), the CCM's investigation will surel reveal.

However, Malaysians should be upset that RM 400 million of their tax money has gone to a company owned by Razak Baginda. CCM should investigate that, don't you think ?

Malaysians should also be galled that the sone of the Law Minister drives expensive foreign cars and has a bodyguard. Our Ministers must be well paid !!!

I mean, Chua Soi Lek can fork over a sizeable amount .... for a number plate ???

If Suaram has tripped up, then the CCM should take the necessary action. But in the context of Malaysia, there are much bigger fish to catch.

All you need to do is read the Auditor General's Annual Report. That's where the NFC issue really surfaced.

Ummm, btw, didn't the NFC used funds contrary to the loan objectives ? CCM, where are you ?

Anonymous said...

The bottom line is SUARAM is not the voice of anak Malaysia. It is purely voice of opposition political group (All the time I was influanced by them now I realised I have been fooled by them). That why I saw some comments which corrected the abbreviation as Suara Anak Haram which they see it as much suitable for a group who is trying to mislead the mass with fabricated story.

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as a purple haze only very dark clouds! When HL was commenting and giving his take on suaram as an impostor entity, someone took it as a clarion call to go at tangent about some happenings in other legalized entity. At this rate and ways of doing thing, no wonder problems were never clarified nor were ever solved. To drive safely we need to at least wait for the mist to clear, bulldozing through is at most shows one intellectual defects and dangerous for the health.

SM said...

Bro HL,

Your argument has valid points.

However, we should also use the same standards when dealing with Government & pro-Government Agencies.

This is Malaysia & the standards used for pro-Opposition & pro-Government bodies are always different.

sS for the Standard of our Civil Servants (with reference to your comment on the botched "search warrant")...well...what do you expect when the Government hires based on "Race" & not on "Qualifications"?!

SM said...

Bro HL,

By the way, you & I know why all the hoo-haa on Suaram right?
Too much crap is surfacing on the Submarine & other related Scandals.
Before the truth finally comes out, "they" need to shut Suaram & anyone who's asking too many questions that will come up with answers!
Whatmore with the GE "supposedly" around the corner.

Anonymous said...

There is a reason. The civil servants pay scale is too low for gluttons. In S'pore civil servants pay is high and high ranking positions are reserved on race base and MariTokLeeKasi (sorry misspell suppose to be Meritocracy).