Wednesday, August 29, 2012

BN Will Win !

Hantu Laut

Forget ABOUT the rabble-rousers, the prophets of doom, the soothsayers, to wit the skewed web portals with their skewed stories.

Read what the expert says....BN WILL WIN. 

After publishing the above, the news portal, if it qualify to be called one, found it fit, within less than an hour, published this crap.

If the crap is true how come Malaysia's 2012 second quarter economy recorded a higher growth rate of 5.4%, much driven by the unhappy Chinese economic engine.

Which Chinese this Datuk fella talked to, the Chinese in the ivory tower or the Chinese in the gutter ? ....or you know what I am thinking ....he is a DAP mole. 

Where's my adding machine, dude! The story don't add up.

What can one say, it's Clara Chooi and Malaysian Insider. 


SM said...

Bro HL,

The moment I read that article in the MI, I knew you would have something to say!
So why is the article crap?
It's a Survey. As surveys go, they may be right or wrong, depending on their methodology, the sampling & the subjects chosen.
So if this article is crap, then you are saying that the Malaysian Chinese S & M Business Community are happy?
You haven't really said much bro!
I actually agree with both articles. Why?
Stands to reason. BN will win! PR are just not ready to beat BN at a game the BN has been Champion for decades. Secondly, many Malaysians hate DSAI & even though they believe that the PR will be a better choice, they will never accept DSAI as PM (deep down I think you are in this category). Thirdly, there are many Malaysian "fance-sitters" who are watching & as far as they can see the PR have still not got their act together. So how to beat BN muh?
Finally, if these two articles turn out to be true, then one thing is for sure, Muhyiddin & TDM (through his son Mukhriz) will do to Najib what Najib did to Ol sleepy head Pak Lah! Ba-bye Najib & to me that's the beginning of the dark period for Malaysia!

Gram Kong said...


What for my response in my next article, why I think that survey is not true.