Saturday, August 25, 2012

Guan Eng Is Cocky !

Hantu Laut

Is Lim Guan Eng cocky? Was Mansor Othman the first one to express his annoyance at this man?

It's obvious Mansor Othman must have been pressured by the supreme head of PKR to deny what he said and for him to now say "I don't think Guan Eng is cocky" His feebleness here. No! I only called him a "tokong" revered by the people of Penang.

Let me Guan Eng cocky?

Ask the media that he banned from his press conference for what he perceives as pro-Barisan media and not giving him fair reporting. Is he so perfect to think that he is a consummated darling of the media.

If you are a politician be prepared to be rankled by the press. If you can't accept criticism, don't become politician, just be an ordinary "Ah Chong" and nobody cares a damn about what you do.

Ask Tungku Aziz for the impudent treatment he gets from this cocky new kid on the block, which Aziz described as escaping from the "tyranny of a demagogue" when he resigned from DAP. He publicly insulted this respectable elder for voicing his opinion against Bersih, a frivolity that wiser leaders would not be bothered with.

Ask the Johorians when they were steaming with anger when Guan Eng sickened Johor as a crime-infested state, unsafe for foreign investors and tourists as compared to Penang.

This tiny man form a tiny land has got so carried away he now think he is God's anointed leader of the Chinese, loved and revered by the community.

Yes, Guan Eng is cocky, without any doubt.


Anonymous said...

Following UMNO warlords behavior is not considered cocky, lah. It's call Hak.

Compared to other previous CMs and current CMs In the other states, he is tame by comparison.

Tak per asana ke?

Purple Haze said...

I have never met Lim Guan Eng before so I cannot comment on his "cockiness".

However, we know for a fact that he went to jail for defending an underaged girl who had a sexual encounter with a powerful UMNO politician, had his accounting licence revoked because of this jail sentence and yet, is now the Chief Minister of Penang, one of Malaysia's more prosperous states.

I think we can say that he has achieved quite a lot despite the hurdles put in his way but cocky? I haven't seen that yet.

SM said...

Purple Haze,

You have hot the nail squarely on the head!

Despite all the obstacles that the BN put in front of LGE & the rest of the Opposition (just have a quick check, most of the current crop of Opposition Leaders have spent time in Jail not for the reasons of being criminals mind you!) they still prod on.

They are called traitors, arrogant, cocky, anti-Islam & God only knows what else. Oh and by the way, if you vote for the PR (based on UMNO Youth's FB page. Oh wait a minute, KJ said that UMNO Youth does not have a FB Page!) then you are voting to change Malaysia into a Christian Nation! geeeze...& they get away with this crap!

To me I do think LGE's a bit cocky but he's earned it unlike the current crop of BN leaders who are mostly both arrogant & rude (must I add corrupted or is that one of the criteria for joining the BN?)!