Sunday, August 12, 2012

Self-Serving Cowards: Aptitude Of Sabah Politicians

Hantu Laut

Not that I agree with former PM Mahathir's take on the thorny issue of illegal immigrants in Sabah but it has become a laughable KDM politician's bogeyman every time elections is round the corner. A KDM pudding to win brownie point with KDM voters.

When the frogs were in power and busying themselves stripping state assets and looting the state resources there was no illegal immigrants problem then. Everything was hunky-dory.

Here, Mr Toad Bamburing called Mahathir a 'traitor' and forgets he is a village 'frog' equally to be blamed for Sabah woes. Why did he not called Mahathir a traitor when he was in the government?

Don't blame Mahathir, it is you Sabah politicians who have no balls to stand up against him when he was in power. What Sabah is today is the consequence of your cowardice and selfishness.

"The world is full of cravens who pretended to be heroes" George R.R.Martin in his "A Game Of Thrones"

If you haven't read the book watch the HBO tv series.

Self-serving cowards, the apt description of most Sabah politicians.


SM said...

Bro HL,

And your point is? Sabah Politicians are all cowards? Why didn't they stand up to Mahatir? Because they would have got their balls cut off (well if they have any that is!).
And so Mahatir is blameless? You were very careful in saying "not that you agree with Mahatir"! Just say that you disagree with him lah...why play with words bro?
We know what Mahatir did & why he should be hauled up & charged but then again do you think Putrajaya has the balls to do it?!
Ya right!
The RCI is another sham, to pretend to show Sabahans that the BN is interested in getting to the bottom of what happened.
As as for the Sabah Politicians...why blame them? You guys in Sabah voted for them!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Singapore leader brought million of foreingers from China, India, Philippine, Myanmar etc. to be their citizen too. The original citizen voice up their concern but never call their leader a traitor. Different class of mindset we see here.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:30PM,

Singapore may have brought in "alot of Foreigners" (I doubt it's a Million as you claim) BUT the point is they bring in Millions of Dollars with them into Singapore!
The Illegal Immigrants" brought into Sabah are the dregdes of their own societies. They lack Education, Money & many are Criminals running away form justice in their own home lands. Even worse, they send the money they earn (by legal or illegal means) back to their home countries.
Do you see the differences?!