Thursday, August 9, 2012

Zunar: In Very Bad Taste !

Hantu Laut

Some Malaysians can laugh at this unpalatable satire if one wish to call it one but satire it is not. 

It's political muck-racking and libel of the worst kind. False, malicious and done in very bad taste.

Zunar thinks he is smart by changing the names and characters. The whole world knew who he was referring to in his malicious animated cartoon.

I am sure many Malaysians are outraged by this man overzealousness to serve his political masters.

This slam-bang cartoon may have the opposite effect, help Najib gains more sympathy and help him to get into more trouble, if Najib and Rosmah decide to  pursue a legal course.

Obviously, Zunar's head has swelled after his partial victory in court.

He should not put himself in the same mould as Western cartoonists, who are impartial, balanced and professionally driven while he is unprofessional and biased.

His bad satires are only confined to attacking the PM and other government leaders in BN. 

Aren't Pakatan Rakyat running 4 state governments? Are they so perfect that he could not find any fault with them? 

One should ask him why his works is one-sided, attacked only Najib and the BN government and have never attacked Anwar Ibrahim and the opposition? 

Read here what he said about cartoonists in Malaysia, portrayed himself as the hero in Malaysia's cartoon fraternity.

Lat, is a better cartoonist, more humorous in his caricatures and satires compared to his crude and unamused political lampoons. He has not been given due recognition by the cartoonists' world as they have given Lat.

A friend came to visit me sometime last year and gave me a copy of his cartoon book which, not to offend my friend, I kept it for a while.It is now somewhere in the rubbish dump.

I don't find his cartoons funny at all.


Anonymous said...

hahaha.. you are wrong. we think it is very funny -- nailed right through the head. :-D

Anonymous said...

Most dumb cartoon ever , only fit for morons and imbeciles who think its funny

Anonymous said...

If we do that about Teoh Beng Hock, surely it will be regarded idiotic too!

Anonymous said...

I don't think zunar funny (as in haha) at all.
Lat is The Cartoonist. Yes, he can make a few jibes but it's always done in good humour. There is no MALICE in his works whatsoever. That's why Lat's cartoon resounds with us Msians.