Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bigots Vs Bigots

Hantu Laut

In every religion there are bigots who violate other religion out of ignorance, sheer stupidity and for some, throwing insults, merely, for orgasmic whirl of thrills. 

People like obscured Florida Pastor Terry Jones and film maker Sam Becile who made the film "Innocence of Muslims" to insult Muslims and Prophet Muhammad are more dangerous that Al Qaeda terrorists as they can stir up mass violence with lethal consequence among the world's Muslim population. 

Jones, from a small never heard of nondenominational Christian church is an attention seeker who may be suffering from serious bouts of attention deficit syndrome. His ways of seeking fame is by burning the Korans. Just as well, bigoted Muslims around the world gave him the attention he wanted...... a celebrity of sorts.

The U.S, the bastion of freedom of expression, as Secretary of State Hilary Clinton had said, will not stop anyone from expressing themselves no matter how distasteful they are. The carnage that stemmed out of this freedom of expression that enraged Muslims into violent reaction that killed the U.S Ambassador to Libya and a couple of other American. 

The U.S stance advocating protection of free speech even if it can cause mass violent hysteria on a global scale is beyond the pale. Its refusal to prosecute the tormentors giving free speech as the excuse is most deplorable and has given rise to more madness and copycats casting more insults at Muslims worldwide.

European official are worried that Europe may be the next battleground over the anti-Islam video. German officials mulled a ban of a planned screening of the film in Berlin and in French a weekly magazine published cartoons of Prophet Muhammad, some showing him naked. Muslim community leaders appealed for calm, but can they control the religious fervour of million of Muslims.

Can they control the madness of 6 million Muslims in French, 4 million in Germany, 20 million in Russia and million more in other part of Europe?

It is deplorable hypocrisy using freedom of expression as an excuse not to take action to stop desecration of other religions. 

You can't call an African American a "nigger" or the Whites  as "white thrashes" but it is fine to thrash and insult other people's religion and called it freedom of expression.Racism is outlawed in the West but insulting religions is perfectly alright.

As there are as many bigots in Christianity, there are just as many in Islam.

Hypocrisy is homage that vice pays to virtue.

It is about time the hypocritical West draw a line between freedom of expression and freedom to insult, may it be race, colour or creed.

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