Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Suaram Is A De Facto Political Party

Hantu   Laut

Whatever arguments put forth by Ambiga and the key personnels of Suaram will not change the fact that Suaram has lost its role and credibility as a legitimate human rights movement. For all, intents and purposes, it is a de facto political party with the paramount objective of unseating the government. Majority of its office bearers are members of opposition parties. 

The ROS declared here that Suaram had never applied for registration with the ROS.

Has Suaram openly declared its sources of funding? Aren't they cloaked in secrecy until investigation throws open the door ?

No country would allow an organisation dabbling in politics to be funded by foreign countries, friendly or otherwise.

Since Suaram is actively pursuing a political expedition, its funding should be under the microscope. It has already cheated by circumventing the law, projecting itself as an association when it is not.It is a corporation.

Political funding have always been under scrutiny in many countries and developed countries have regulations to control the flow. Such law is necessary so that democracy would not become a mockery when a government come under the influence and control of a handful of people.

In Britain there were growing concerns that the largest British political parties received donations from a handful of wealthy donors. In 2000 the PPERA (Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000) was passed in parliament to establish an Electoral Commission that require all political parties to register with it, setting down accounting requirement and control of donations to political parties.

In 2008 the British Minister of Justice released a white paper that proposed to tighten controls over spending by parties and candidates, strengthen the powers of the Electoral Commission, and increase transparency of donations.

If the British government can curtail domestic donations can you imagine if any of Britain's political party received donations, say, from China or Russia without public disclosure. Don't you think all hell would break lose and there would be Scotland Yard running all over the place raiding the party headquarters and sealing it off from further access to party officials?

Suaram, by any stretch of one's imagination, is not apolitical NGO doing noble work for the destitute poor or any worthwhile charity for that matter. It has become countenance to the political aspiration of the opposition parties in the country. I am pretty sure the authority will find more skeletons in the closet if they dig deeper into the clandestine activities of this so-called NGO.

First and foremost, Suaram had broken the law by using a private limited company masquerading as an association and collecting unauthorised donations from foreign sources.

The Malaysian  government is too lenient, sterner action should be taken against its key personnels. 

Who gives a damn what the law in the West says, it is the law of this land that matters and should prevail and be respected.As they say "When in Rome do as the Romans do".

As you sow, so you shall reap, for those in Suaram, you break the law, you face the music.

Who is Ambiga trying to fool?

Ambiga is trying to fool the hapless Malaysian dummies with her  " I am a lawyer I know better", including shoving something preposterous down your throat like those ugly French farmers who forced feed their geese to get their 'pate de foie gras'. She considers Malaysians as trash receptacles and have the innate propensity to treat them as such.

The photo above is of clueless Malaysians in London protesting over William and Kate visit to Sabah, incited by Ambiga and Suaram. 

The British government refused to bow to pressure by the British media to stop the visit using the adage "innocent until proven guilty" of the opposition's political chicanery on Musa Aman. The opposition is going full force to try embarrass the Najib's government. 

To think that people who gives money for free have no hidden agenda is wishful thinking. Ambiga and her Suaram nitwits can say so but most, if not all, political funding, have strings attached and in the case of contributions from foreign governments they have long-term agenda to use such entity for their political or economic agenda. It is called "influence peddling"

Influence peddling is illegal in the U.S. A number of political figures have been sent to prison  for influence peddling.

That's why most political funding come from interest groups, whether individuals, companies or trade unions, they all have only one motive, to push through their own agenda making use of the people they funded.

Suaram, can bark as loud as they wish in that they are right in what they do and as in the words of Ambiga being persecuted by Najib's government, but the fact remained that they have absolutely no defence of their political stance and Suaram's extension as the wing of Pakatan Rakayat or rather as Anwar's PKR hound dog.

Funding the investigation of the submarine deals in France is absolutely political in nature. It stinks to high heaven of political excursion.

True or not, the idea is to link the money back to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, to demonise him, his party and government for the sake of Pakatan Rakyat. 

Amiga! That, they don't teach you at law school !

You may be a smart lawyer but a lousy politician.


Freddie Kevin said...

Salam HL,

When you have nothing to hide and everything is aboveboard, why protest being harrassed and framed. There would be nothing to fear. Particularly framed, it suggest planting of fake or manipulation of evidence. Another opposition trick, to solicit sympathy and opposition SOP, creating animosity towards the govt.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

They are already beholden to Soros and like Shylock, he will demand payback in pounds of flesh.

Anonymous said...

I believe Najib is a competent chess player whose moves are not obvious but will lead to checkmate of his political opponents.

Unlike Tun Dr M who is a draughts champion, direct and apparent.

Anonymous said...

Pandie auntie thought everybody can be fooled...

Gram Kong said...


It's nothing but lies, lies and lies and this will be the government we get if we are not careful.

Anonymous said...

Hishamuddin should be looking into these matters rather than talking about petty issues like handcuffs. He somehow seems to enjoy making a big fool of himself.

Anonymous said...

When you hold street protest such as Bersih, and claimed it to be organized by some NGOs and are not politically motivated, it was not when you have oppositions coming in, acting as organizers and giving off blatant political speech. That is not neutral.

When you have an organization that claims to be an NGO and again, not politically motivated, but somehow are filled with opposition members and leaders on the roster and did nothing but make blatant accusations against the government and never on the opposition, that is not neutral nor independent.

Its just too bad there are lots of people who either wanted to be manipulated or are too braindead to know that they are manipulated.

Anonymous said...