Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Small Fish With A Big Appetite

Hantu Laut

This small fish with big appetite has nothing nice to say about her country.


If you have political ambition, don't try to defraud the Malaysian people with your "for human rights and cleaning up the electoral roll" bullshit, and don't hide behind the curtain of false pretense. Join a political party and fight your cause, if you do actually have a cause...... or, are merely an agent provocateur for your good friends in the opposition Pakatan Rakyat to continuously stir shit in this beautiful and peaceful country and keeping the momentum alive as precursor to..............

...........when Pakatan lose the 13th GE there is reason to go on the streets and accused the government of electoral frauds.......and without any doubt the obvious manisfestation of Anwar's Malaysian Spring to bring down a duly elected government.

Phnom Penh


Anonymous said...

this achi should really start a campaign to abolish the indian caste system that is DEFINITELY abuse of human rights where a caste is deemed untouchable.

as and indian female of hindu faith she is the minority of minorities - so what criteria does she have to represent the rakyat as she admits that "Malaysians can surprise you".

she was NOT hindered to study and become a qualified lawyer, so why does she think UMNO/BN is corrupted??

she deserves the butt shake dance and the free burger stall outside her peaceful private home

Anonymous said...

A small fish but with principles and honesty is worth a thousands sharks and piranha.


Anonymous said...

This pariah again. Principle and honesty my foot.

Anonymous said...

October 13, 2012 3:18 PM

where got fish with principle? She is in effect a piranha, flesh eating cannibals