Monday, November 19, 2012

Conceited Guan Eng Getting Too Big For His Boots

Hantu Laut

Who is Lim Guan Eng to decide who should be the prime minister of Malaysia should Pakatan wins the 13th GE? 

Here, he beckoned Anwar must be made the PM because he does not trust PAS at the helm.

Does he know who will carry the majority number of seats before he insists that Anwar be made the prime minister. By right and by convention the partner with majority seats should get to keep the premiership.If PAS gets more seats than PKR and DAP, the premiership should go to them.

Guan Eng forgets that to get rid of Anwar other than PAS MPs, arch-rival UMNO MPs can join PAS to pass vote of no confidence against Anwar as prime minister. So, Guan Eng, I suggest you think very carefully before you open your big mouth to embarrass yourself. You have no power to appoint Anwar as prime minister other than cheap attempt to fool DAP voters that your party have a big say in the appointment. You don't, unless you think the BN will be a complete wipeout in the 13th GE (General Elections).

I am sure Guan Eng himself must have dreamt of becoming the prime minister if DAP gets the majority as nothing in the Constitution can stop a non-Malay from becoming prime minister. Of course, the Malays won't take it laying down.

This conceited and arrogant man is getting too big for his boots.


Y1 said...

It is impossible for a Chinese or Indian or even a non Muslim Bumiputra to become the PM in the present climate of racial politics, sadly. Your prejudice and hatred against LGE has taken leave of your senses lah.

Anonymous said...

I think you are the one who does not know how the parliamentary system in Malaysia works.

Its not whether PAS or PKR or DAP who decides lah.

If UMNO or its prostitute parties (ie assume all of them r in opposition MPs) all of them lah say for eg vote for DSAI as PM, even if PAS has the most MPs, dont matter one bit.

Its the majority of parlimentarians who decides who becomes PM of Malaysia.

The Barisan Najis MPs who end up as Oppostion becomes important ONLY if DAP, PAS and PKR is split on who becomes PM.