Thursday, December 20, 2012

Selena's Bluff

Hantu Laut

Quote from Selena Tay's article in FMT:

"A neutral Chinese political analyst who is a friend of this columnist has informed that it is possible for Pakatan Rakyat to win the 13th general election by 118 seats, with BN getting 104. The total number of parliamentary seats is 222."

First, I would like to ask Selena Tay if this Chinese guy is such a hot shot political analyst has he no name, no siang? Where is he from, Malaysia or China? 

A good political analyst do not pluck numbers from the air, he gets scientific and gives specifics.

More figment of her imagination below:

"Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has in fact already lost the general election, in a manner of speaking, and that is why he does not seem to have the sense of urgency to hold the polls".

We all know, except Selena Tay and the oppositions, that dissolving Parliament is the PM's prerogative, he needs not listen to the oppositions or anyone else to call for elections.

If you want to bluff horn your skills first.

Neutral Chinese political analyst without a name and probably doesn't exist!
A neutral Malay political analyst, who is a close friend of Hantu Laut says with certainty  BN will get 148 and Pakatan 74.

Read more of her poppycock here.


SM said...

Bro HL,

I FULLY AGREE! Utter poppycock!
Now let's be fair. The following are some of the Statements made by BN Leaders (I guess poppycock belongs to Opposition Supporters & Opposition Leaders BUT NOT BN people!):-

Apr 1, 2012
Muhyiddin said that Malaysian youngsters are getting better Education than their counterparts in the US, Britian & Germany (Really ah? Hahahaha! Which youngsters is he talking about? the children of UMNO & BN Leaders who all go to Overseas' schools?)

Apr 16, 2012
Najib told Bikers that the winds of change (someone farted?!) is blowing in Selangor & will destroy any obstruction to BN winning in Selangor in the next GE (I guess there must have been some Scientific Analysis done by BN Political Advisers here. Nice flowery language too. Must be Oxford graduated Advisres)

May 7, 2012
Palanivel said the Indian Community in Penang will back BN in the coming GE (I guess that's why he's kicking-out Devamany so he can contest in Cameron Highlands. Doesn't he know CH is in Pahang?)

June 21, 2012
Dr. Zambry (in Ipoh) says the BN has the support of the Chinese (Wow! and you Hantulaut have said time & time again that the Chinese will vote for the Opposition! Come on lah...when a scion of the BN says this how can you say otherwise? I hope dear Dr. Zambry is enjoying his stint as CM, come the next GE he may be the Opposition Leader in Perak!)

Dec 3, 2012
Chua says that most Chinese Businessmen in the small to mid income group want BN to win (this coming from the BN Porn Star himself! How can anyone ever doubt him! Did he get this very astute information while he was...?!!!!!)

You want to read more Poppycock? Just open The Straits Times, The Star or better still the Utusan any day of the Year!

Anonymous said...

to this unnamed political analyst who is also neutral,

1. the only reason DS Najib did not call for election was because the longer he kept the PRU at bay, the more worm coming out from the PR coffer...

2. the only reason PR again and again giving out challenge to DS Najib to call for election is because they also agree with no 1.

Anonymous said...

If the current useless PM of ours believed the 174-74 number of your analysts, he would have called for PRU 13 by like yesterdays.

The current useles PM's actions betrays his confidence levels.


Anonymous said...

I mean 148-74 number of yours.


Anonymous said...

sm @ December 20, 2012 8:58 AM

gee you are superb huh??

btw all the quotes you painstakingly listed HAVE specific NAMES attached right?

and pardon me, they are all accountably active and practising POLITICIANS of the present day

frustrated selena's friend could be a ghost from the past or is skinny selena a ghost whisperer, eh??

Anonymous said...

sunwayopal, you wish

As PM Najib fervently believes = Janji Ditepati, which means the more time he has before PRU13, the more JANJI he can TEPATI

which is a nuclear bomb for the opposition - kapuuuuuut and self-destruct within 1 day of PRU13

yahoooo oooops or is it google

Anonymous said...

Want to really know who will win?

Just ask any grandmother, mother, sister or anyone of the female gender.

They have the right feel most of the time.