Thursday, December 13, 2012

Snakes In The Grass

Hantu Laut 

Just came back from fishing the Burma Banks and missed all the excitement of Malaysian politics, which is sliding deeper and deeper into the gutter.

You want to change the government?


That's your democratic rights, but are they going to be any better than the "craps" that you want to get rid off?

All pointers show they are as corrupt and unscrupulous as the dirty "bunch" you want out.

Two years ago he was the opposition's antagonist.

This "carpet man" is the ultimate sycophantic social pariah whose kiss-ass days are over and who is now kissing the opposition's asses, who used to shit on him, but now found him truthful and useful.

Today he is the opposition's darling.

When Najib refused to be embroiled in his business problems he resorted to political blackmail and extortion against the very people he brown-nosed with for pecuniary gains.

What a liar. Now he admits he was involved in bribing the other scum.

When the money stops he goes to Anwar & Co. 

Finally, the other scum.

Always look where you are going, there is always the danger of you stepping on a "snake in the grass."

Read about "Pashtunwali"........... the ways of my forefathers.

Do you believe in this man?


Who is Deepak Jaikaisan?

Deepak says has sought Altantuya's forgiveness.

There is a bigger snake lurking in the corner waiting to be prime minister!

Rosmah Mansor, that's the price you have to pay for using unprincipled opportunist as your errand boy. 


Anonymous said...

U r barking up the wrong tree lar.

All indications r the carpet man r under the instructions of someone else in UMNO to cut Najis down a bit.

Nothing to do with PKR or DSAI.

But of course, Pakatan will supply the lawyers but carpet man and Musa hardly looks like working under Pakatan orders.

Dont make the same mistaken assumption other idiotic bloggers have made lately.


Anonymous said...

Anwar was the dirtiest finance minister in malaysian history. For 8 years he cheated the govt and stabbed his old friends when he found new rich ones. He made them richer by dishing out contracts and projects to these cronies. He was the most corrupted minister. But barely 24 hours after he was kicked out he went round the country saying how corrupted UMNO is, not saying a word about it when he was in UMNO. He was knee and elbow deep in corrupt practices when he was in UMNO. So he is an expert on the matter. If he was not kicked out he would remain as the most corrupted politician in our history. Only silly fools would believe this forked tongue hipocrite who cheats on his wife and children. He fooled quite a few with his back ache problem saying he cannot travel on a sampan in Sabah but was able to perform well in bed with a prostitute. Oh Christ! And he wants to be PM. God forbid.

SM said...

Bro HL,

Welcome back!
You missed nothing, just the usual shit that comes out of the UMNO closet.
All these "Snakes" (as you so rightly named them) were UMNO cronies who made Millions because that's what Cronies do...they make loads of money for themselves & their Masters by ill-gotten ways!
Of course PR will use these shit-heads against UMNO. Why not?
By the way, Ibrahim Ali is at it again...spewing his Racial hatred against the Malaysian Chinese. Best part is, you get MCA, MIC & PPP shouting but UMNO as usual is silent! Says alot doesn't it?!

Purple Haze said...

I agree with sunwayopal's comments.

There are 2 possible parties who will benefit from the downfall of PM Najib.

a) the Opposition
b) the UMNO no 2 man

What could the carpet man expect to gain from the Opposition if the Opposition fails to win GE13 ? A better bet (since he is a businessman) is to be friendly to the next guy in line.

If the Opposition wins, the carpetman will probably escape any backlash. If BN wins, very likely the No.2 will protect the carpetman as it is in his (No 2's) best interest to use the carpetman to dig up the dirt to usurp the No 1.

Anonymous said...

8:43 --- No dap cronies?