Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What The Difference Between Patrick Teoh And Ibrahim Ali ?

Hantu Laut

Many of you who know me may find it strange that I indulge in writing about religious matter when I am not in any way religious. That's beside the point.The point is, this country may be heading for possible sectarian violence if we don't put a stop to the Allah issue.

As I have always say religion is the mother of all troubles.

Do you see any difference between Patrick Theo and Ibrahim Ali? If one is to see things in the right perspective, Patrick Theo had uttered worst things against Islam than Ibrahim Ali had against Christianity.

Ibrahim Ali's rhetoric was political grandstanding while Patrick Teoh's was pure and unadulterated insult on Islam, derived out of arrogance and chauvinism.

Well, Patrick Theo the motherfucker (a word he is fond of using), here what he said "Encouraged to sing motivational songs. What kind of fucking motivation they want? Give up individuality and be sheep? Pray 5 times a day? Cover up all women? What???"

"And while they are at it, please tell me what the fuck extreme singing and dancing is?"

"Quran thumping motherfuckers!!!"

"Pray 5 times a day" and "Quran Thumping motherfuckers"

That, to many Muslims is an insult.

Did you hear big cry out from opposition's leaders asking the police to arrest him or the AG to charge him?

More surprising was the born loser Muslim politician called Zaid Ibrahim who came to his rescue saying he did not insult Islam but his way of articulating his concerns about how Islam is being administered in Malaysia but this was not tantamount to insulting Islam. This joker need to go back to law school.

An insult need not necessary be criminal but still an insult.People have killed each other over racial and religious slur.

Burning the Bible or Quran in the U.S. and many Western countries is not a criminal offence, but saying the "Holocaust" never happened is a criminal offence in some European countries.

What about Anwar Ibrahim, Azmin Ali and the pretenders in PAS who talk so much about protecting and preserving the sanctity of Islam. Where are they when non-Muslims disparage and humiliate their religion. 

Some Malay politicians put political expediency before their faith. There are just too many crooks from both sides of the political divide. They are only concern about status and money.

Now, let me tell you why the Chinese are more successful in whatever they are doing, be it business, education, philanthropy, culture or politics, because when it comes to the crunch the Chinese close ranks toward their common goal.

They have mastered the art of making money for many thousand years, today they want a bigger share of the political cake, to horn their skills in politics to get better representation in Parliament, which absolutely is nothing wrong in our democratic system.

The 13th GE will see the Chinese come together as one under the DAP umbrella, probably, taking the biggest chunk of MP seats leaving the Malays fragmented between PKR, PAS and UMNO.

What goes around comes around, the Malays have had their good time of "divide and rule" for half a century of this country's independence. Now, because of greed, it's their turn to be divided.

Anwar much prefer to let DAP be the leading party rather than PAS, as DAP would make him the prime minister. The straggler among the three coalition partners would be PKR.

It is in Anwar's interest to make sure PAS do not win big, which can wreck his chance of becoming prime minister.

It may not be too far-fetched to think of the unthinkable, that PAS may leave PAKATAN because of the Allah issue.


Anonymous said...

The DAP is absolutely unsuitable to rule at all. No quality leaders. No nothing.

Anonymous said...

When DAP and MCA unite against UMNO, the Malay voters will be jolted into unity.

PAS will survive and may even leave pakatan or cross over to UMNO/BN or even become independent.

This reality is still "unregistered" in the chinese psyche that in a democracy, majority RULES, even if fragmented initially.

Purple Haze said...

I think the difference is that Patrick Teoh apologised for his gaffe while Ibrahim Ali doesn't.

Perkasa tends to spin some story about how their gaffe was misunderstood or misquoted. They never appear to be apologetic for hurting other people's feelings.

Patrick Teoh took responsibility for his statements and seemed remorseful that he may have hurt other people's feelings.

I think that is the difference.

Gram Kong said...




SM said...


First off, I think Patrick Teoh should be in jail & the key thrown away. As for Ibrahim Ali I think the same thing should be done to him. And there lies the similarity. Period.
Now the difference which you so obviously can't see due to the fact that being an UMNO & PERKASA supporter, you obviously always make excuses for your Masters.
Ibrahim Ali didn't insult Christians. Who said he did? Patrick Teoh on the other hand did insult Muslims.
Ibrahim Ali did threaten violence. The Police Reports made against him were not because of him insulting Christians. It was the threat of violence & disturbing the peace.
As for Patrick Teoh, he did apologize. But if you read his apology, you would most likely want to like to ram it down his throat. It was an half-assed attempt & not done sincerely!

Anonymous said...

In Indonesia Chinese control over 90% of the country economy even though their population is only less than 10%. But there if you make this sort of humiliating comment, this is same as you are willing to be parted with your life. In Malaysia we still smile even when you step over our heads. Don't worry and no problem there is no ethnic cleansing here.

Anonymous said...

the mf litlle chingkie sob
teoh -chibai got to be hauled up
and sent to the cooler

anyways umno-porno's golden
cock sob chingkie teoh-chibais
utterances showed how lembik
and useless bapak 1-malaysia,Najib is.

Bik-kakak-angkat aka queenie Ros is
riding da Horse[ probabaly splayed
like a good donkey] husband najib
da Man into the sunset of obscurity

Purple Haze said...


Okay, so you maintain that Patrick Teoh's remarks were intentional.

Are Perkasa / Ibrahim Ali's remarks UNINTENTIONAL ?

You seem to be upset with Patrick Teoh ONLY. That is of course, your prerogative and perhaps you may even say that he is hypocritical.

Are Ibrahim Ali's remarks not harmful also ? Christians in Sabah wonder whether they are wanted in Sabah !!!

I don't know what Patrick Teoh's intent is but some of his remarks on other issues (and also yours sometimes :) ) do make sense.

I find Ibrahim Ali's remarks nonsensical and divisive and he is not apologetic about that. He is way more dangerous than Patrick Teoh is.

Anonymous said...

Workers' Party won Punggol East by election in Singapore with 54% votes. They fought hard with issues and never make any claim of Unfair Election. This seat was won by Malcolm Palmer from PAP in last general election. He was the Speaker of Parliment before resigning after admitting his extra marital affair. Anwar should be as gentleman as him while his supporters should not have treated him as an angle without sin.

Anonymous said...

Punggol East Singapore rejected the PAP by an overwhelming margin. Lee Kuan Yew has been rejected by his own people because of his failed policies at their expense.
It is time for DAP founded and inspired by Lee Kuan Yew to go home. Please DAP refrain from slogans, speeches and writings maybe to cause the suspicion and hatred of the Malaysa and Bumiputras about the innocent Malaysian Chinese who only want peace, stability and prosperity to earn a decent living. Please go home to your Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore whom even the 99% poor Singaporeans found wanting because of his failed policies and they suffer for it.

Anonymous said...

Send Patrick Teoh with the DAP back to Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore where they belong, even the 99% poor Singaporeans reject the PAP