Friday, February 15, 2013

Never Say Die Najib Stood Well In The Face Of Adversity

Hantu Laut

Not so smart to utter such word in opposition stronghold. 

Najib should have put his ears to the ground, used his own judgement before extrapolating his war cry. He would surely know he is in hostile territory. 

Probably, done on purpose. The man is not all that stupid, he may have a reason to do what many won't do.

Najib was unfazed. I must say he stood well in the face of adversity, carry on asking the crowd three times, in spite of the negative response. 

The attributes of a true statesman, unlike the de facto opposition leader who took exception and lost his temper when asked by a reporter question he did not like. 

Surely, as expected, the oppositions will play up his foundered calls. Below is a pejorative video produced by the oppositions, embellished, to embarrass him.

Below is balance and fair reporting by Singapore Mediacorp:

Without any doubt, employing their usual dirty tactic, those who shouted "NO" were planted by the oppositions.


Anonymous said...


He would not have asked the crowd 4 times if it was all NO!

SM said...


What a slap in the face!!!!! He should have sacked his advisors a long time ago but then again...what do you expect from a wimp?!
Politics aside, there are 100 armed intruders in Sabah at the moment.
We are probably the only country in the world where we have armed intruders coming in & our PM is asking them "nicely" to leave?!
Never say die Najib? Hahaha...what a laugh!
I guess we need Rosmah to tell our Security Forces to shoot the heck out of these intruders then!

Purple Haze said...

Whether the crowd said YES or NO, can only be answered by those who were there. But my question is why does the Prime MInister of Malaysia have to introduce a Korean entertainer ???

Jatuh muka lah.

DS Najib - you are the leader of a country. Leave the MC work to someone else.

As for the intruders mentioned by SM above, the irony is that Malaysia can prevent an unarmed Aussie senator from entering the country peacefully but cannot (or will not?) tendang 100 armed intruders from Sabah. What's the use of our military ?

Maybe they should send the FRU to Sabah since they have done a good job in KL over the past years handling public disturbances. What's a hundred armed foreigners compared to thousands of unarmed citizens ?