Sunday, March 31, 2013

Lim Kit Siang: "Legit, Not Legality" Moronic Twist Of The English Language

Hantu Laut

Lim Kit Siang, don't try to fool the people with your "it's about legit, not legality" nonsense.

If it is legal, it's legit.

They are synonymous !

Najib is still a full functioning legitimate prime minister and whatever he does from now until dissolution of parliament is legitimate and legal under the law. 

You threatening to cancel contracts signed by him should Pakatan comes to power shows how irresponsible your government will be. 

You vangefulness shows you couldn't care less for the nation to be sued and taxpayers money used to pay compensation for your impetuous action.

Parliament will only dissolved itself on 29 April 2013, unless dissolved sooner by the PM and you know it,  but typical of all Pakatan leaders, you thinks all Malaysians are stupid to fall for your hoax.

There is more than one way to skin a cat. Your ploy sucks.

Read here twisting the English language.


Anonymous said...

Sorry bro.

Legitimacy and legality are two different things altogether. Legality is only within the confines of a constitution: whether a nation's or a corporation's. Legitimacy encompasses things beyond a written charter. In the case of a phrase like "Illegitimate child", the phrase gives a connotation of being a subset of the legality. In loose, thesaurus-like settings, the two may be indistinguishable but in closer legal scrutiny they are worlds apart.

To be fair, Kit Siang has more rubbish talks than merely this one, and even this is not quite accurate either. But using mediocre kampung-class altercations as your argument will only befit and benefit kampung-class readers. Beyond THAT sophistication, however, your noble effort to use paltry reasonings to fight an incumbent political foe only looks bad on you.

Let's nail this DAP crap in another way.


Marking Bagpie

Gram Kong said...

Anonymous 931,

Thank you, but I don't agree with you.

Purple Haze said...

Since you are talking about legitimacy, how legitimate are the election rolls ?

Recent issues raised by MPs such as Nurul Izzah and Charles Santiago pin down the EC to the fact that there are cases of dubious voters in the election rolls.

While the EC can delete the "extra" name of the alleged blogger Papagomo from the rolls, it claims that it cannot delete any names once gazetted. Why the double standard ? As Malaysians (regardless of political leanings), we have to be concerned.

This certainly raises the question of legitimacy of the election rolls.

Anonymous said...

Hantulaut that's not the only rumor DAP PKR PAS been spreading today this morning I saw with my own eyes the lady printed their SPR polling station address for the fear it will be wipe out from list of voters. I shake my head when the lady ask me did I print out the piece of paper and I answered I follow what the government, SPR told me bring my IC Card and not give to anyone unless the police want to see my IC Card.