Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Masallah: An Indian Savoury Dish

Hantu Laut

This is Malaysia, not India, not Britain, not Australia, not any Western countries that tolerate homoeroticism among elected members.

They have they culture and we have ours. Why should we be like them or ape what they perceived as acceptable norm and righteous behaviour.

Many states in the U.S.A still have laws that make sodomy a criminal offence. Maybe, the Americans are more puritanical than Malaysian Indians. Not that I am homophobic but what politically correct in the West may not be politically correct here.

Interestingly, several Indian NGOs have voiced their supports for Anwar Ibrahim saying they don't care whether he is homosexual or not and what he does behind closed doors is his own business.

"We don't care if he is gay or otherwise" said one of them.

If Anwar is gay so what! At least he is gay, not a murderer like few other politicians" said another one.

"Basically, Indians are very sensitive to gutter politics" lamented another one.

Do these few Indians speak for all Indians in Malaysia or they are just another N.Surendran, the sycophantic lawyer, doing his masters's bidding? 

God forbids! 

It's as clear as day that everyone want to have their say to make known their obscured existence and now is the opportune moment to ply their wares.Out of the wood work they came with bouquets for Anwar.

Forgive my divergent with my Indian brothers who want to show political correctness and sow the seed of hatred against the current government and conveniently forget dharma, the principle of cosmic order that upholds, supports and maintains the regulatory order of the universe, the core belief of Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism. Henceforth, if you are ordinary citizen of this country, your private life is yours and nobody's business, but if your are a public figure, or one that running for the highest office, your have lost your private life, it becomes the people's business and what you do behind closed doors or in public is everybody's business.

It is idiotic to think Malaysians have generally come of age and would tolerate homosexual or bisexual to be prime minister of this country.


Garrett said...

I myself don't care if Anwar is gay or a serial adulterer or dick-sucker...I don't like him because he is a serial liar and does not admit to his failings, and he causes chaos in my country, and he bad-mouths the country, too.
Dick head!

Anonymous said...

It is an open secret that Anwar is a gay. Even Indian community knew this. Why don't this group ask Anwar to denounce Islam and choose other belief which in their dogmas has no objection of homosexual.

Anonymous said...

Saya malulah if my future pm is a porn star..everytime i saw him ...automstically flash in my mind of his crooked asset.

Anonymous said...

I am an Indian and let me tell you that these guys will turn to Najib at a drop of some cash and whiskeys. It's not an insult but truth. I happened to be at A famous chinese Ikan bakar shop atBrickfileds, near the red light area. I saw so many bald heads going up and down the staircases looking for prostitutes and realised it was the night of Thaipusam. They cleanse their sin on Thaipusam and immediately do again.

These are the attributes of majority Indians in this country, there are lalang, no principles whatsoever. Having friends and relatives like that, I am not embarrased to say this