Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Man Who Would Never Be Prime Minister

Hantu Laut

Anwar Ibrahim is a good man, infallible, honest, sincere, can never be faulted and as pure as the driven snow. 

True, or false?

Sodomy I, Sodomy II, illicit affair with his best friend's wife and illicit sex with China doll were all contrived by Mahathir, Najib and other scumbags in UMNO. 

Video showing him having sex with a Chinese prostitute was not him, though, the person was a spitting image of him, it was his double provided by Najib and his gang, paid and asked to perform the act to spuriously implicate him. 

This sinless man wanted so much to be our prime minister.

I hope he succeed not!

As we Muslims say "Inshallah" if God's willing, it will happen, if not, no matter how hard you try, it won't happen.

As they say "patience is a virtue" which means the ability to wait for something without getting angry or upset, immensely valuable quality in a person, more so if you are a politician running for the highest office.

I can quote two world leaders who have such virtue and have been prisoners of conscience and victims of vile political rivalry and power play that had them incarcerated as political prisoners for much longer time.

Nelson Mandela and Aung San Suu Kyi are two such leaders.

Nelson Mandela served 27 years in prison for his anti-colonial and anti-apartheid stance. He was released in 1990 and became a fully elected President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999. Mandela served time doing hard labour in prison but held no grudges and there was no witch hunt during his presidency. Mandela held himself in high esteem and highly respected throughout the world and deeply respected in his own country. He received not less than 250 awards including the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993.

God help those who help themselves who are sincere and conduct themselves in modesty.

Aung San Suu Kyi, one of the world's most prominent political prisoners spent 15 years under house arrest and was only recently released on 13 November 2010. She has also received many international awards for non-violence including the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991. Suu Kyi was cheated by the ruling junta of her victory in 1990 when her party won 81% of the seats in Parliament. She was already under house arrest then.

God help those who help themselves who are sincere and conduct themselves in modesty.

Some people have equated him to these leaders. 

Where does Anwar Ibrahim stand among these towering political heroes of our time? First, there is no comparison, they are poles apart.To compare him with the two I think is the biggest insult to these noble and world upstanding leaders.

Anwar would have been prime minister if he had waited his time, but patience is not his virtue and he thinks he is better than everyone else. His scholarly credentials and pseudo renaissance tag has gone to his head and fuddled his better judgement. He believes that street protests, demonstrations, civil disobedience and political skulduggery will take him to his objective. 

Though, his coalition has done well in 12th GE, captured 5 states and denied the BN of two-thirds majority, he does not believe in the democratic process, accused the BN government of massive cheating and espoused the growth of anti-establishment organisations such as Bersih, Suaram and other NGOs to march, protest, sit-in and occupy..... as roads of attrition to weaken and topple the government.

Anwar, is a very clever man and has successfully built an armoured shield around him that no bullet can penetrate. Many see him as victim of political repression and throw their supports behind him out of a very misconceived notion.....sympathy!

Anwar is no hapless, helpless and defenceless person, he is not the saintly and unassuming Mandela or Suu Kyi, he is an arrogant and solipsistic combatant, who only cares for himself. His supporters are his collaterals, which can be discarded when they have exhausted their usage, the same way he acquired and lost his close friends over the years, who left him with bitter aftertaste. He is also a man who can't keep his promises and would lie if the situation warrants it.

In time of national crisis he would capitalise on the crisis to reproach the government instead of putting aside the differences and help toward finding solutions to safeguard the security of the nation and our national interest.

When he was implicated in the Sabah armed intrusion by Filipinos terrorists he denied he has met Nur Misuari of the MNLF recently. 

Today, Nur Misuari confirmed he met Anwar several months ago in Jakarta. Why didn't Anwar reveal this earlier before Misuari says it? 

Can Pakatan win the 13th GE? 

Looking at what  happening in Sabah right now and the opposition muck racking the government, it is looking dimmer than before. 

Except for his diehard supporters and the "cari makan" kataks, many Sabahans are not happy and suspect his hand in the foreign armed insurrection. 

Even if Pakatan wins and PKR gets the least seats among the three coalition partners, PAS will be the spanner in the works for Anwar.

Now, that Misuari has confirmed their meeting, the rumour mill will be grinding even harder.

Below is a video in which Anwar denigrates the government over the handling of the Lahad Datu armed incursion and responses from ordinary Malaysians.

  • Musang brtopeng ayam al jubori......
  • gambirian
    this pakatan's fuhrer is full of bullshit..
  • Beri Drachma
  • norsiah etiqa
    DSAI you have split personality...how can we trust YOU, how can we listened to what you say and how can we put our country in your hands...you cant even apeace your own wife how can you provide peace to the nation? NATO..no action talk only...the Sabahan is beginning to dislike you and your 'buddy' Tian Chua...you will see the PRU results soon...
  • Amiman Man
  • ramboor37
    mluat btol tgk mke anwar nie..mcm sial...
  • geng pailang
    wei bangang..ko keluar penjara teros malaysia jd huru hara...lu langsi lu mati!!!!!!!!
  • onemat785
    singkirkan anuar,saya orang sabah,anuar tada tau apa2 pasal sabah,bukan senang selesaikan masalah ini,orang sulu tau suluk ramai di sabah,mereka semuanya rakyat malaysia juga yang pentingkan keamanan,kita perlu berhati hati,tu lah sabah sebuah negeri yang begitu banyak suku kaum peribumi.
  • princesstoge
    Kenapa Anwar buruk sini buruk sana..nampak sangat nakkan Malaysia..kenapa kau nak sangat Malaysia eh? Kau lagi kejam klu isu Sabah nie dapat kat kau.. nak bertindak melulu.. Hey,sejak kau keluar nie huru-hara jadinya Malaysia.. Aku sokong UMNO dan PAS not PKR..semoga negara aku bebas dari pemerintahan Anwar
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    • azra nizal
      kenapa anuar ke filiphina???dia sapa??dia wakil malaysia ka???
    • damhazitis
      semoga satu hari nanti Allah akan singkap siapa benar siapa salah .. x payah lah kita sebangsa seagama berpecah belah .. minta dgn Tuhan supaya ditunjuk mana yg betul mana yg salah .. tu je kita patut buat .. moga siapa yg buat huru hara ni Allah turunkan bala pada dia .. Amin
    • kasim baba
      bang non ingat org suka2 ke kaitkan dia dgn semua benda... pokok xkn bergoyang klu xde org tiup
    • laloqor
      kenapa nuar namakn mereka sbg pejuang???
    • kasim baba
      klu pandai baca kes dia, mesti akan dapat tau sbnrnya dia melakukan liwat... ai... bnyk je kes yg membunuh terlepas... padahal mmg betul pembunuh membunuh...
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    • kasim baba
      tuduhan x berasas tu bro... mcm pelik je statement...
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    • kasim baba
      kerajaan filipina sbnr skrg x menyokong kiram, even dia x mengiktiraf penceroboh tu semua.. mesti x bca bnyk sumber ni.. kerajaan filipina kata, najib bagus...
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    • mis zorro
      percayalah,allah itu ada dan maha berkuasa,,setiap perbuatan akan dibalas.. insyaallah.allahuakbar,,
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    Anonymous said...

    Singapore, through their inteligence work has satisfactorily gathered secret information of Anwar stray sexual behaviour. Only his die hard supporters and individual with interest can deny this. The others with ability to think properly for sure will not choose any leader with questionable moral integrity. Kindly note that by supporting this sort of rotten leader is same as discriminating your own country.

    Please be reminded that Singapore is a First World Country and when they spied on any neighbouring leader it is for their own interest. They don't take any instruction from the ruling goverment of Malaysia. This was a piece of secret information hold by them until WikiLeaks spilled them to public. Can Singapore and WikiLeaks be part of Anwar enermy's conpiracy? Is there any Moron would like to argue this? Can individuals named Azizah and Nur Izzah please stand up and refute this?

    Purple Haze said...

    I wonder what the Singapore intelligence has on our Prime Ministers, past and present.

    Let's ask them to post all of the secret info on ALL the Malaysian leaders both in govt and opposition.

    Should make interesting & beneficial reading for all Malaysians.

    Anonymous 10.07 pm, you may be right about Anwar's stray sexual behaviour but do not be in denial if the BN leaders also have unbecoming behaviour as well.

    I, for one, would like to hear what those Singapoean fellas have to say. After all, Sodomy I & II have come and gone but they still keep quiet ? Surely our SB boys have an information sharing agreement with their counterparts down south ?

    You might also want to label me a "moron" but I am actually not arguing with you. But, what are the facts given ? All you have put forward is hearsay of what the S'pore Intelligence holds.